taking the next couple days off from the social media side of the Internet for (1) WrestleMania weekend and (2) general life-sorting things 👋

There will always be those who doubt your worth. Remember that you owe them nothing, for you are worthy regardless of their judgement. Remember too that there is satisfaction in demonstrating that they are wrong.

In 1999, Warner Brothers had a movie coming out on April 2nd, that was testing so well they decided to move the release date back two days.

24 years ago today, I saw The Matrix opening night.

What an incredible coincidence, considering what today is. #TransDayOfVisibility

I’m constantly learning that the best way to convince people of your beliefs is to let go of anger, and live by your own convictions, knowing that if they are solid enough, your actions will be proof enough to others.

Every month the government should direct deposit an inflation-adjusted sum of money that corresponds to the average cost of food, shelter, clothing, and medicine into everyone's bank account. No questions asked; nothing required in return.

If you want to have more than the basics, you gotta work. But if you're content with the basics or you're unable to work, your survival needs are covered.

happy trans day of visibility, mew! :blobhearttranscat:

am sending many luvs to all my trans friends today! :heart_trans_white:​ 〰️ :blobcatreach:

also, if i see anyone be mean about trans people, i will stop being a nice kitn and start using my claws :blobcatknife:

Happy #TransDayOfVisiblity!

With Pete MacHale joining the #DoctorWho cast as the first #trans male, along with Yasmin Finney, a trans woman, Doctor Who has never been more diverse and inclusive!

Doctor Who has a long history of connection with the LGBT+ community, especially since it’s return in 2005, and long may that continue 🙌

(I may lose some followers with this post but trans rights are human rights :progress_pride:)

To celebrate Transgender Day of Visibility, Blahaj.zone has commissioned brand new Blobhaj emoji from the amazing @heatherhorns@plush.city!

Our little blobby friends are waving a brand new style of pride flag.

As well as several pride flags to celebrate our wonderful gender diverse community, there are many more pride flags available in the new style!

They have been released under a creative commons license, and if you would like to use them on your own instance, you can grab them from
Heatherhorn's emoji page!

:Blobhaj_Flag_Transgender: :Blobhaj_Flag_Nonbinary: :Blobhaj_Flag_Transmasc: :Blobhaj_Flag_Transfemme: :Blobhaj_Flag_Genderfluid: :Blobhaj_Flag_Progress_Intersex_Right: :Blobhaj_Flag_Intersex: :Blobhaj_Flag_Autism: :Blobhaj_Flag_Ace: :Blobhaj_Flag_BLM: :Blobhaj_Flag_BLM_Small: :Blobhaj_Flag_Gay: :Blobhaj_Flag_PolyPi: :Blobhaj_Flag_Lesbian: :Blobhaj_Flag_Bisexual: :Blobhaj_Flag_Aromantic: :Blobhaj_Flag_Pansexual: :Blobhaj_Flag_Demisexual: :Blobhaj_Flag_Polysexual: :Blobhaj_Flag_Polytricolor: :Blobhaj_Flag_Straight_Ally:

i drew this and sent it to partners and got more than i bargained for

@ajroach42 Reading and thinking about it, I think federation is just a better take on how things used to be.

In late 90s/early 2000s the only thing I had from a "big" provider was my email.

My website was hosted at a friend's server so was my "cloud storage" (ftp). Online gaming (Q3, UT, MOHAA, even ultima online) happened on self-hosted servers of people you knew IRL or from some other small community (forum). Forums had tight knit communities.

I miss this.

Fedi feels kinda like this.

Everything about it is great, but I wanna give special love to the background artists⁠—the backgrounds have a very Bluth-ian feel to them, and I adore that sort of thing. :mouse_blob_heart:

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