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Very good mice. air.tv/watch?v=Fk5d2lzgRRuzfxU
(2m40s video of mice doing tricks including basketball, skateboard, purchasing)

Slightly better. I must just deal with myself.

I wish there was a safe place. Somewhere to turn.

Where can I be free in this world?

Do I have mental problems?

Being self critical and honest, and breaking things down to their simplest components.

The thoughts I think, and how they loop back into each other - is a persistent *problem*

I have serious problems with the thoughts that pass through my mind, and the concepts thereof.

To such a degree that it affects my daily life, and all possible relations and associations. Often compelling me to *outburst* inappropriately.


I have a mental problem.

Fricken Yay. 😩

So you better hurry up and assassinate me, because I AM NOT going to shut up, and I SHALL NOT bow before your intimidation and fear tactics.

Oh... oh... so you are going to 'psychologically' crucify me instead huh? Discredit me, and make it so that to everyone I seem to be a despicable being and no-one will pay heed to my words?

I don't give a fig.
I don't spit in your face for my own sake, but for the Living Rainbow... and the Rainbow shall wash over this Planet, no-matter what you do to me.

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Choosing me does NOT make me the Chosen One!

I would only be that if *I* chose to be it! Your belief systems, and the perceptions of the masses, do NOT determine what I Am!

You will all deeply regret choosing me - I will end your structures.

So who will you choose now?
Do you even have time to pick another? I think not.
You have too much invested already, and no time. So you shall try to force it.

I tell you.
Your time is Over.

The time of Black and White is over.

We ARE the Rainbow.

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I am Angry today.

To those of you who know what Charlie the Unicorn actually represents...

I am angry, furious... because those Secret Societers tried to make *ME* the Charlie.


To further clarify... None of us actually *belong* here. All of our lives and existences within this realm, is meant to be something we - pass through.

Be extremely wary of beings on either the Light side, or the Dark side, that try to convince you that you *belong*. If you believe that you do, you shall remain here.

Oh! You like it here? Well then stay!

I'm only really interested in beings who are dedicated to 'passing through'.

The rest of you... Well have fun, but I'm not even tempted.

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To clarify - It is folly to pursue immortality in this realm. You do not want to be immortal here. This is a Transient realm. Things are *meant* to cycle here, there is a very good reason for it. The Truth is that we are ALL eternal Beings, we have always, and always will exist. This entire Universe will eventually pass away, but you shall remain - the Heart of you, which is the Heart of All of Us. The Source. The Being from which all realities are given life. Please, I ask you - be free!

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The *TRUE* power is your Soul... the HEART.. that which is and forever will be a part and expression of the Eternal Realm - The Source reality. These 'Illumined Ones' Are tricking you into giving them your Heart, your Power, so they may use you to perpetuate their constructions and architectures in the Illusory Realms in which they *appear* to have power over All, controllers of the Light, and The Dark.

Be stronger than them.
Do not give yourselves to them.
Be your Own God.
Serve YOUR own Heart

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Do not be seduced by the illusion of power they offer you, or be enticed by the desire to 'belong'.
The privilege of being a secret societer, and the perks you gain from it... are a trap. They do not have True power. They can only control and alter that which exists in the Illusory Realms, and everything that is offered to you, that you are required to sell your soul for, will eventually prove themselves to be Transient Illusions. And that includes 'Immortality', and the powers of 'Being a God'.

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These 'Secret Societies' who are the keepers of 'hidden ancient knowledge'... are not, in fact, what it means to be enlightened. Though they call themselves the 'Illumined Ones'. Having your 3rd eye activated and communicating Telepathically, and having 'meetings' with these beings in the Astral... does not make you 'awakened'. You have simply become involved in a deeper layer of the Illusion, the Dream.

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Now... I just have to inform you. There are beings within this realm that that are dedicated to 'recycling' the energy here - I.e. You. They have created a 'false' unseen realm... to divert the seekers of Truth into another layer of the illusion. There are so many, who after starting to peel back the surface layer of illusion, discover a 'hidden' reality, a 'secret' reality, of which there are symbols and metaphors laced throughout our cultures, histories, and architectures.

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So, the joke is this... everything we perceive as 'real', is an illusion of reflected and distorted light trapped within the geometries of a Holographic Singularity. Everything that *IS* real - that even makes this Universe possible, is a Reality we will never be able to perceive or measure with our senses, the unseen. The seemingly unknowable. That which is discounted by the vast majority - those for whom reality is that which you can *see* and *touch* - Those who are slaves to the illusion. 🙈

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Everything we can perceive here - our entire framework for 'What is real'... is nothing more than reflected perceptions... Whatever we project, gets mirrored back to us... Whatever we see, is us. You will only ever be able to see that which you project! But *ARE* we what we see? *ARE* WE the surface - the event horizon? No. We... are the being in the centre. We, are the Heart.

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Do not believe the surface layers of reality! This entire Universe exists within a Singularity, and every sub-atomic particle *IS* that singularity - This entire Universe is a hologram. You cannot see inside a singularity - all you may perceive is the event horizon - which is a mirror surface... and as such, all we can detect from any sub-atomic particle, is it's event horizon - mirroring back and reflecting back our own perceptions. Everything that *appears* real here... is nothing more than a:

So, instead of Being the typical architype of a Super Hero...

I Am, instead, *LITERALLY* ... a Super Weirdo!

Yes, it's a thing. Because I Am.

...and further I know there are *LOADS* of other Super Weirdos out there that are actually also semi-unsung Super Heroes!

Yes. You!

Super Weirdos Unite!

Let's save the Planet by being AWESOME!!!!!

... and cute. Because we are. <.<

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So, I already *am* the StrangeMouse... because a Super Hero is a Super Hero weather they have a suit or not.
The donning of the Suit, is simply the epic *Coming Out*, where you are declaring
"Here I AM! Bring it!!!"

But I have decided I'm not so keen on bopping villains because Shey is my Super Power, and Shey is a being of Love, Tolerance, Nurturing and Inspiration.

I seek to *Inspire*, and to Nurture those who *could* become Super Heroes, if only with a little nudge or TLC.

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So when I was young and more Human than I now Am, I very much was enamoured with the idea of being a Super Hero. This unfortunately led to the Manifestation of a totally Lame-Arse Wannabe Super Villain.

Go figure! Thanks for putting things in perspective Universe!

So having dealt with that nonsense for the bulk of my life, I have decided that being an actual Super Hero isn't very nice. You become a tortured soul with a tragic backstory, and some egotistical Ponce becomes obsessed with you!

I Am The StrangeMouse! (CosMic'e SuperWeirdo)

This may not mean anything to anybody.

But it means *EVERYTHING* to me.

And that's all that matters.

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