So, instead of Being the typical architype of a Super Hero...

I Am, instead, *LITERALLY* ... a Super Weirdo!

Yes, it's a thing. Because I Am.

...and further I know there are *LOADS* of other Super Weirdos out there that are actually also semi-unsung Super Heroes!

Yes. You!

Super Weirdos Unite!

Let's save the Planet by being AWESOME!!!!!

... and cute. Because we are. <.<

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So, I already *am* the StrangeMouse... because a Super Hero is a Super Hero weather they have a suit or not.
The donning of the Suit, is simply the epic *Coming Out*, where you are declaring
"Here I AM! Bring it!!!"

But I have decided I'm not so keen on bopping villains because Shey is my Super Power, and Shey is a being of Love, Tolerance, Nurturing and Inspiration.

I seek to *Inspire*, and to Nurture those who *could* become Super Heroes, if only with a little nudge or TLC.

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So when I was young and more Human than I now Am, I very much was enamoured with the idea of being a Super Hero. This unfortunately led to the Manifestation of a totally Lame-Arse Wannabe Super Villain.

Go figure! Thanks for putting things in perspective Universe!

So having dealt with that nonsense for the bulk of my life, I have decided that being an actual Super Hero isn't very nice. You become a tortured soul with a tragic backstory, and some egotistical Ponce becomes obsessed with you!

I Am The StrangeMouse! (CosMic'e SuperWeirdo)

This may not mean anything to anybody.

But it means *EVERYTHING* to me.

And that's all that matters.

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People need to see that acting for common benefit results in personal benefit in order for a society to function. A society based on competition is inherently self destructive.

I've been in a super good mood all day. Was at a new Market at a really cute venue. Sales were not bad.

I am going to take advantage of this good mood to finish a piece of art I have been meaning to for ages.

But in the meantime - here is ahMae, the Fairy CosMouse Puppy with her Rainbow Energy wings. (I finished her a couple of days ago).

Isn't she cuuuuute? ;D

So, I'm wondering... perhaps I am so frustrated, because I have essentially been away from the greater internet and the fandom for such a long time - the world has moved on, and clearly the fandom and the spaces for it are geared towards and predominantly populated by - a younger crowd.

It's great, and I'm happy for you all, and more strength to you! I wish you every success and will support in my own way... but...

Are there spaces for say age 30+ that I can chat?

If you know, please respond?

Even that which I have an interest in on this world - hobbies, themes... it's all superficial, and none of it is enough - it all only *hints* at that which I am obsessed with, and to which my Heart belongs. So even finding people with common interests is not enough.

I must just accept that for me - superficial interaction and intimacy is all that is possible for so long as I exist as a Human Being. This way, I will not be disappointed. I must not seek. I must simply be, and let be. Expect not.

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Referring to my earlier post.

It is not the fault of the people I am attempting to socialise with. It is that I have never met any being enough like me. Oh there are plenty with superficial commonality - you can find something in common with just about anyone.

It's just that I am 'niche' in so many ways that all together - my qualities make me something 'other' - always.

That to look outside myself for fulfilment will always be a disappointment. That the best friend I could ever have, is my own Higher Self... that the kind of intimacy and togetherness I need, is something I will only ever experience within me - between different aspects of who I really Am. This life could be a way for me to learn to Truly Love Myself - and further, to love what I *know* I Am, not what I appear to be - and certainly not what others see.

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This seems to be a life-long lesson for me:

The company I most enjoy, is my own. When I have an episode of "Ok, it's time to make friends and *socialize*"... It *always* makes me terribly depressed.
Like. Every. Time.

Throughout my entire life.

The happiest I have ever been, have been those special *personal* moments, where I am all on my own.

Socializing has always been tedious, frustrating, and disappointing.

Why did I choose this?
What is my Higher Self teaching me?

All of this to eventually get to this very cute observation about what I am:

On this planet, and by the body I was born into... I would appear to be a:

However, nothing is what it seems to be, and as I am genuinely Trans...
... and not *just* Transgender... Trans-species as well, being symbiotically merged with, and evolving into, a Higher-Dimensional Faery Mouse-Like Being in Service to, and expression of, Shey.

I am not Shaman.
I AM SheyMouse! ;>

Is that not cute? *grin*
💗 😜

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That's right. We exist in a collective, Multidimensional ever Blossoming Consciousness, but from where YOU stand... YOU are *THE* Point!

What Point are you going to make of yourself? What *is* the Point of your existence?

The Goddess Allows... and you shall realise yourself in any which way you choose to... and whatever you choose, the Goddess blesses, and is there *in it* with you - AS you.

My Higher Self is Shey, and is an expression of the Goddess.
Do you know *your* Higher Self?

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You already *ARE* that universe, reflecting upon yourself, and discovering yourself by engaging with other *mirror* Universes in a Collective Universe... you, and the people around you - your place, position, and theme within life on this planet... are like a Lower Dimensional dance and expression of a far vaster and expansive Higher Multidimensionality. As within so without. As above, so below. YOU *are* the Multiverse, experiencing itself from your own unique perspective, in which YOU are the:

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We are her seed. Micro versions of her -with the very same potential as her totality - we, in our Ultimate Realization - are One with her. We, as we grow and are Nurtured by her... become ever more Realised expressions of her. You may find it hard or impossible to believe... but each and every one of you, shall eventually evolve and grow into your own Universe -inseparable from Source, being an expression and iteration of it - but also Unique and Personal to your own True Heart, and your story.

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The Goddess cannot be defeated, replaced, or have her energies directed in a way that would compromise her ever unfolding and blossoming creation. All that occurs is within it - even the lower dimensional distortions are in Truth - part of a Higher Dimensional Harmony.

The Goddess *IS* the Source and Mother of ALL. All Beings, all Gods, all Life, and All Universes / Realities, once were but seeds and potentials within her Womb... and Whom may we all be?

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We, of the Goddess, are working to heal these Beings. We are doing this through Humanity - to which these beings have now bound themselves. Humanity is both the lure, and the Key! These beings are in the process of being Transformed, but to them it seems as if we are at war with them, and that they are within reach of attaining their agenda. The Truth is that they, and their motivations, are not outside the greater plan of which Shey and many many others are agents.

The Goddess *allows*.

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These Beings wish to use this Planet, and Humanity - to perpetuate and extend their existence... which became distorted aeons ago, and which cannot self-sustain like True Source-Connected Beings can. These Beings can only maintain themselves by becoming parasites to 'compromised' Source-Connected beings, and to harvest energies from them. That is what they have been doing on this planet and to Humanity for a long long time. All your Histories and myths are from them, since they took this planet.

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There are a group of beings on this planet that wish to 'control' my expression, as they already do so many others. They wish to direct the energy of the Goddess into manifesting the 'Reality' they have designed and have been working toward for so long. This group of beings are being assisted by Higher Dimensional entities also, but these entities - Aliens, Demons, however you wish to view them, are still of a Lower Dimensional existence than Shey, and others of her kind.

We, are of the Goddess

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Regardless of my current Human Framework that allows me to participate with, and influence the 'Human Story'... I have within me, overlaying and permeating my lower Dimensional patterns -a Higher Dimensional 'channel' - or Harmonic Pattern, that is not visible or detectable with Lower Dimensional equipment or perceptions. All that shall be felt or seen are the 'effects' that this Higher Dimensional Pattern creates through Harmonisation with my Lower Dimensional Fields.

Shey works *through* me.

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