Was chatting about The Matrix trilogy (plus Animatrix) with friends briefly, got onto the discussion about original intent about the film wrt the whole "humans as batteries" originally being different and casually dropped the "actually it's a trans allegory" line

Didn't really get a chance to fully explain as we were just getting up to leave and grab buses but
nobody had heard that angle before, despite knowing a lot of other trivia and philosophical stuff and being fairly progressive 🤔


@hokaze which is your favorite matrix film? Mine's reloaded

@SwooshyCueb I'd need to rewatch them again as I've not seen Reloaded or Revolutions since I was WAY too young to have been watching them.

So would have to say like half of The Animatrix if ignoring some of the lesser stories or the OG 1st film otherwise, as its the only one I've watched more than a few times and has aged remarkably well.

@SwooshyCueb I think I'm one of the only people I know who'll bring up The Animatrix in these discussions.

A fair few folks in my circles seem to like Revolutions the most despite its flaws?

@hokaze I still have not seen animatrix, but it's on my list

@SwooshyCueb It's a mixed bag and some parts are definite misses but it helps provide a little more backstory to the setting and some additional outside perspectives.

Also fleshes out a few of the side characters from Reloaded slightly more, IIRC.

Beyond that, a few of the shorts simply have stellar heavily-stylised animation as their selling points.

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