@codesections @Gargron @SwooshyCueb My only reason for not using Pass is the lack of Windows support. Which hopefully won't be an issue soon because I won't need to use Windows anymore.

@freakazoid @SwooshyCueb @Gargron

Interesting. I always thought that pass had decent windows support because pass lists a windows client on its website. But I see now that the windows client hasn't been maintained in a couple of years. That's too bad :(


@codesections @SwooshyCueb @Gargron
A selfhosted Bitwarden server (not the offical crapy SQL server/Mono based, nor the crapy Docker based, but the self compiled, rust based Bitwarden server: github.com/dani-garcia/bitward ) is just perfect!

@codesections @SwooshyCueb @Gargron I thought about this constellation as well but where do you store your got repository? How do you have all time access to it?

You've got a few options. If you want it stored privately for free, you could store it with GitLab (or even github these days I guess). Or any other public cloud provider (NextCloud, dropbox, a server you have for a website).

Personally, though, I don't do any of those—I store the primary copy on a home server, and sync that to my laptop, my wife's laptop, and each of our phones. True, we can only sync when we're at home—but that's basically every day.
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