Why do people hate webp, instead of hating the software that doesn't support it?

are we just supposed to be stuck with jpeg and png forever?

@SwooshyCueb GIF89a everything! GIF was peak performance, the human brain only needs 256 colors to work efficiently anyways, we made sand intelligent to show more colors?? wake up sheeple we've been played! /s
@Luna @SwooshyCueb ok but gif doesnt even have interframe compression:( and u can just use a color palette with png anywY

@SwooshyCueb It's like AMP

Theoretically better, but everyone hates it because of how Google pushes things.

a) change is hard, especially when there's enough consensus that we don't need it, what we have now works well enough, and it seems like change for change's sake

b) people are still super wary of huge corporations going in with an "embrace, extend, extinguish" mentality; there's enough people scared of just how big google currently is, regardless of its current intentions, that any future intentions must be viewed with suspicion; google was the one who invented this solution and then convinced people that a problem existed afterwards

c) imo it addresses an artificial need, sure sites would like web pages to load faster, but imo the best way to do that might be to do things other than switching file formats; heavier lossy compression with existing formats come to mind, or (this is my beef) not having so much unneeded unwanted extra code being delivered and run

d) many people are super comfortable with the software they have, and getting mad at software that doesn't have a solution to a problem that didn't exist when it was written is silly; sure some projects can be updated, it can introduce new code and new bugs and need more unpaid volunteer labor to implement, test, and fix; for commercial software some may not find a financial incentive to update old software for free, and users may hate having to spend money on newer software that often has a learning curve, cuts old beloved features, introduces new bugs and bloat, etc.

that's just what I could come up with off the top of my head, being a non-expert and not being in the industry

@SwooshyCueb Speaking from a not very technical perspective, webp feels like an anti-copying measure. Like it's something sites pick specifically to make my life hard saving reference images.

I don't know if that's actually what's going on, but that's the reason that I personally hate the format.

@Owlor @SwooshyCueb WebP is usually smaller than png or jpeg and most sites blindly follow the google page-speed recommendations to recompress all the images in webp to allow the page to load faster.
WebP is pretty neat though, it can be both lossy or lossless, can have an alpha transparency channel like png but is usually half the size with none or very minor perceptible quality loss.
I'd use webp depending on the use-case, for image sharing its probably easier to keep everything in jpeg and png if it was originally in that format.

The next big improvement is AVIF, based on AV1 ("an open, royalty-free video coding format") which is said to be 35% more efficient than WebP.

Smaller files make product managers happy because website loads faster and faster loads means customers are more likely to use and enjoy website.

@Luna "customers" seem to be the operating word, cus as it stands, it very much feels like a format for passively looking at images, not using the images in any way.

That might change if more art programs start supporting it, but I don't know if it'll happen cus making it hard to use or even save these images seem to be part of the point.

@Owlor Indeed, I think there is a third-party extenion for photoshop for windows that allows webp file handling but why this isn't included from the beginning.. probably patents, its always patents x.x lawyer costs to double/tripple-check that adobe/anyone dont open themselves up for litigation.

I've seen webp for things people actually WANT you to share, such as screenshots in a presskit. And if you complain about it, people come out of the woodworks telling you to just screenshot it or use some other method to get around it that if you are a journalist or work with pictures a lot, you prolly already know.

@SwooshyCueb good luck hating apple for not supporting RCS, its literally that
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