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ditching my fursona as my ava in favor of jpeg blinx

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I haven't made a proper pinned yet so

- I CW nsfw stuff, including rl stuff set to followers only (which means, if you're a follower and don't want to see that, avoid the media on Tusky since it doesn't filter correctly)

- I'll also only except you if either :
● I followed you first
● We already sorta know each other

- All my info is on my site so uh

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Following a lot of good fursona strangers to give my tl more life. Gotta make up for the like 500+ accs. I followed on Twitter.

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Look at my fursona, this absolute child, this pure dumb cat, idiot who listens to aphex twin lol
i love them

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cow mom lewder pinup (nsfw) Show more

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cow mom pinup (nsfw) Show more

still no 666th toot ideas but im getting dangerously close

toejam & earl 3 Show more

not really negative but joking abt a mh thing Show more

showing all of my fursona via video game screencap

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is there just some character named oingo boingo bc ik that show just has characters named after bands and shit

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A complete rando on rateyourmusic sent me a recommendation and it was their own music.
That's a first. Kinda feel bad denying it but like idk them at all so :iiam:

ive been getting into oingo boingo lately why do so many of their songs on yt got a million comments abt that jojo anime

when can i hit 666 toots im slow at posting

uh oh im questioning my sexuality again Show more

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