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Watch "BioMutant Announcement Trailer (from ex-Just Cause Devs)" on YouTube -

hope they don't drop generation 3 soon, I've barely even managed to make my way through gen 2

oh dear. A pokémon go update has dropped that includes metadata for the generation 3 pokémon

@codl might be an idea to post any maintenance before you start doing anything

@codl oh so that's why chitter was 502ing

@bug I still need to get around to watching that

Android event starts in 10 mins

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hello chitter i just got out of bed

i'm rabbitcasting the new rick and morty episode soon, drop me a message if you want a link to the channel

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HEY my new game is out!!! get your on today! in ... WORLD OF EXPLORE PRO EDITION!!

walk and talk, balk to folk, and sulk and mulct in this re-master of a classic edutainment game!

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