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hi! i'm violet. i absolutely adore raccoons, they make me smile a lot.

I also care a lot about my friends who are the best, i love you all.

I am very interested in technology, art and videogames but I still don't know what I want to do in my life as a career.

In my free time when i'm not asleep, I like to try new interesting things, make music, 3D models and just have a chat with friends.

I am trans, use female or nb pronouns and i will probably give you a long hug.

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Hello chitter! Please remember:
if you see anyone being a nuisance on the federated timeline, please don't hesitate to use the report function. We will have them dealt with as soon as possible by silencing them from the federated timeline. Same condition goes for followbots, please report them and we will have them removed!

this includes sale prices, as it is calculated via funds added to your wallet in total.

steam now allows you to show how much you've spent on the site in total

Violet boosted is gunzo a scene artist because all their bg videos i've seen in djmax look like something that'd come from the scene heck the visuals on this djmax track really look like something you'd find as a demo

track is 'ned - armored phantom'

why didn't sony talk about this at e3

confirmed: PlayStation Now is getting game downloads, much like xbox game pass. At launch is only restricted to PS4 games

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y'know microsoft, I would update if it wouldn't keep failing and reverting back to the previous version

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everyone please look at this fennec

There's a weird noise I'm hearing outside every few seconds and I think it's a fox

I'd capture a video to show the effect but my phone camera is too dark

It feels really ominous seeing these lights moving around in the sky while it's also completely silent outside

I always kinda feel like I'm missing out on something whenever I see fireworks being set off outside. I think I'll go for a walk tomorrow night, the city is usually really nicely lit up around graduation time

Ahh, there's graduation party fireworks being set off outside, it's pretty

Please don't spoil the Incredibles 2 or Ant-Man for me if you see it