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hi! i'm violet. i absolutely adore raccoons, they make me smile a lot.

I also care a lot about my friends who are the best, i love you all.

I am very interested in technology, art and videogames but I still don't know what I want to do in my life as a career.

In my free time when i'm not asleep, I like to try new interesting things, make music, 3D models and just have a chat with friends.

I am trans, use female or nb pronouns and i will probably give you a long hug.

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Hello chitter! Please remember:
if you see anyone being a nuisance on the federated timeline, please don't hesitate to use the report function. We will have them dealt with as soon as possible by silencing them from the federated timeline. Same condition goes for followbots, please report them and we will have them removed!

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after i've submitted my work on the 18th i am free to relax for the rest of the month

i'll probably be uploading this to sketchfab once it's finished

finally finished mapping out a low-poly version of the walkmann, gone from 29376 to 5744 polys. this has been a huge pain. Now to render the normals and other materials and this should be finished

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spending more time getting pissed off at maya not working properly over actually getting my uni work done

i've had this freesync monitor on my desk for over a year now and it's never been utilized properly because I have an nvidia card

okay so it turns out g-sync for freesync is actually working properly now after a reboot, holy shit this is so much nicer

"VLC might come to Nintendo Switch"

yeah good luck with that

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the blu-ray copy doesn't have it either. i guess it's either a separate feature on the blu-ray disc or exclusive to those who saw it in the cinema

weird, the amazon version of once upon a deadpool doesn't have the stan lee post-credits scenes

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nvidia has demonstrated what the software runs like on incompatible monitors and the results i'm getting are not the same

I have enabled freesync + g-sync on my monitor, ran the pendulum demo from nvidia and it looks the same with all 3 presets (it does look smooth though, so maybe it's working??)

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