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hi! i'm violet. i absolutely adore raccoons, they make me smile a lot.

I also care a lot about my friends who are the best, i love you all.

I am very interested in technology, art and videogames but I still don't know what I want to do in my life as a career.

In my free time when i'm not asleep, I like to try new interesting things, make music, 3D models and just have a chat with friends.

I am trans, use female or nb pronouns and i will probably give you a long hug.

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Hello chitter! Please remember:
if you see anyone being a nuisance on the federated timeline, please don't hesitate to use the report function. We will have them dealt with as soon as possible by silencing them from the federated timeline. Same condition goes for followbots, please report them and we will have them removed!

super meat boy forever review:

holy shit

Hi everyone! I am going live in 10 minutes with Super Meat Boy Forever!

No stream tonight again, sorry! I'm considering moving discovery Sunday to a different day since I've been consistently feeling low on Sundays. I'll mostly likely be moving to Tuesdays instead

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Excuse you, Stuart

When OBS 27 drops I may take a break from streaming for a bit to set up a new stream layout with a clean install

my OBS install is being held together with duct tape at the moment

Just noticed this didn't have viewing hours in it. Here you go!

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And here's my Twitch viewing stats for 2020~

it's been quite a year, and Twitch has definitely been a pretty big part of it

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Thanks for tuning in tonight, everyone, this has probably been one of the best RRT streams I've done so far! ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿฆโœจ

Here's the update on the spreadsheet.

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Going live in 10 minutes with part 14 of my European PS1 demo discs on Retro Raccoon Time! Very excited for this one since I am basically hitting the peak of PS1 demo disc releases, a lot of familiar titles should happen during this stream.

Visibility transitions may be officially implemented in version 27 of OBS

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Hi everyone! I am doing a rare Thursday stream today, starting in 10 minutes! It is uh, discovery Sunday! Time for some indie games.

oh their phone announcement was the S21 and the S21 Ultra, which has Wacom tech built into it which means it now also supports the S Pen. I'm going to assume this is the beginning of the end of the Galaxy Note phone range

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