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hi! i'm violet. i absolutely adore raccoons, they make me smile a lot.

I also care a lot about my friends who are the best, i love you all.

I am very interested in technology, art and videogames but I still don't know what I want to do in my life as a career.

In my free time when i'm not asleep, I like to try new interesting things, make music, 3D models and just have a chat with friends.

I am trans, use female or nb pronouns and i will probably give you a long hug.

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Hello chitter! Please remember:
if you see anyone being a nuisance on the federated timeline, please don't hesitate to use the report function. We will have them dealt with as soon as possible by silencing them from the federated timeline. Same condition goes for followbots, please report them and we will have them removed!

Guess I'm just not going to post anything else until this trash is fixed.

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Looks like Byte already has bot accounts posting spam on new video uploads.

garbage social media 

garbage social media 

anyway, follow me on this service I'll probably never use until they fix it.

I stand corrected for the second statement, there is block/mute functionality, but currently only in the iOS app. great job guys

1) uses oauth, you are forced to sign in with google on android or apple on iOS
2) there are no block/mute functions, only follow.
3) you cannot share content outside of the app without saving a video then re-uploading that video to the destination you want to share to.

just tried out byte, which is supposed to be vine 2. it's already very flawed.


I wonder how many old game prototypes are out there that just exist with no information about who made them or where they came from

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who wants to invite a raccoon over for some cuddles

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