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hi! i'm violet. i absolutely adore raccoons, they make me smile a lot.

I also care a lot about my friends who are the best, i love you all.

I am very interested in technology, art and videogames but I still don't know what I want to do in my life as a career.

In my free time when i'm not asleep, I like to try new interesting things, make music, 3D models and just have a chat with friends.

I am trans, use female or nb pronouns and i will probably give you a long hug.

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Hello chitter! Please remember:
if you see anyone being a nuisance on the federated timeline, please don't hesitate to use the report function. We will have them dealt with as soon as possible by silencing them from the federated timeline. Same condition goes for followbots, please report them and we will have them removed!

just discovered that the source code for glider pro has been put up on github, that's really neat

meta, actually it is an issue 

meta, not an issue 

meta, not an issue 

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cheap sketch comms? open? it's more likely than you'd think 

Christmas cards are being sent out tomorrow! If anyone wants me to write more at the last minute please mention it now! I will not be sending any more cards out after tomorrow, unless you are in the UK.

pokemon, ebay 


was just watching a streamer i follow on twitch play sly 1 on the ps3 trilogy and they hit a really interesting but loud bug at random. this probably would've scared the shit out of me

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CW your emoji posts like these please! They’re hell for screen readers. Not only do they take age to finish reading out, they also are completely meaningless if not visualized.

Hoffman has been doing a live amiga DJ set on Retro Man Cave's youtube channel if anyone is interested in that

Last boost! I'll be sending cards off this weekend, if you are interested please send me your address privately and I'll sort something out

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Would anyone be interested in doing Christmas card exchanges again this year? If enough people are interested I'll start the preparations later this month


Pokéstop submissions are now live globally on Pokémon go... for level 40 players

isn't that a bit of a slap in the face to rural players who probably can't even get their level increased at a reasable pace in the first place? They're probably the ones who need access to submissions in the first place, to populate rural areas.

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