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Violet @Violet

Violet boosted is now running v1.4.6, a bugfix release

also i applied a couple fixes to the amigaball and the feature/amiga branch at should now merge cleanly onto v1.4.6

@AdamTheChespin i've considered it! at the same time I don't want to confuse regular mastodon users though

@AdamTheChespin it already is, hence the name Chitter!

@mno couple of months ago. the only user i've noticed having issues syncing is @Lumi

@mno I think it's something to do with the fact this instance was wiped by accident at one point and everything went out of sync

@mno I have no idea if it is or not, I did inform @codl about it a while back if I recall and I don't think they knew what was up

@mno that seems to be a consistent bug and I wish there was a fix for it already

@bug @mno there is a report function next to toots so if you see anything not nice, use that and action will be taken x

@mno @bug hi Nikki! myself, bug and @codl are the admins here

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chitter is now running mastodon v1.4.3!

in this update: move, pin and unpin columns! and also other things!

the instance was down for a bit longer than usual because of technical reasons (i didn't read the release notes oops)

@boots suspended them, again. i have no idea why it didn't work the first time

@boots pretty sure I suspended them

did anyone else just get hit by an seo bot

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