i'm guessing the battle royale mode is also free-to-play?

@Violet @codl lol, 18 players max. Because the Source engine is actually pretty crap for this sort of thing.

@Vordus @codl why haven't they updated csgo to source 2 yet

@Violet @Vordus because it's competitive so people will get mad if anything feels ever so slightly different

@codl @Vordus i don't remember there being any complaints when dota 2 transitioned to it

@Violet @Vordus dota doesn't rely on physics for elaborate grenade throws

@Violet @codl Mismanagement. Valve's company works on the basis of 'you can work on whatever you want to!' but that means that everyone is trying to push innovation and nobody's going back and reinforcing the existing stuff because that's boring and nobody notices when it's being done properly.

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