oh whoa, steam is getting a local multiplayer feature via remoteplay

this has a lot of multiplatform multiplayer potential as well

if you wanna play a multiplayer game with a friend who is currently on a mac/linux device that the game can't run on, you can play with them

you can also play with them if they're on an android/ios device

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of course, this is restricted to splitscreen/local multiplayer, but still, it has a heck of a lot of potential.

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I can imagine this being used with a lot of older emulated games that don't have online multiplayer.

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@Violet remote play is amazing
did you know if you install steamcmd on a server and log into your account, it gives you the ability to remote play on it

@Violet Parsec: *gets advertised on Youtube*

Valve: Now wait just one darn year there

Still, this is exciting, if only because Bamco put the Tales games on Steam.

@OchotonidKnight Parsec's been great but I ditched it as soon as steam remoteplay came out a few months ago, it just works so much better.

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