VR screenshots are so weird cause the view angle is impossible to tell when you're taking the screenshot. You have basically a full field of vision, how do you know where the screenshot is going to be

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like imagine taking a screenshot of your real-life field of view. what's in it? what's in focus? what's in front of you? you're losing information anyway, and in VR you don't know what's in focus because to the headset everything is in focus

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idk if I'm being clear but VR is honestly hard to explain if you haven't tried it. watching streams it feels like it's just that the game's world is all around you, except it's not just that: 3d objects surround you from all sides. it's not flat anymore

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@wxcafe what you see is what is in the screenshot, pretty sure SteamVR has the option to take stereo or even 360 screenshots too so everything is in view

@Violet I mean, I was talking about these screenshots I just took of half-life alyx and no, what I see isn't what's in the screenshot. like it's really hard to center them properly and everything.

idk about the 360 screenshots though, haven't looked at that

@wxcafe i just double checked and 360 screenshots is not a feature, but there are still plugins you can get that enable it

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