seems the newest windows update has fucked around with my capture card again. can't record any video without the audio stuttering away

@Violet usually audio stutters come from a change in audio quality / bitrate; making sure it's set to the same thing in ur windows settings as your capture software or whatever else uses it might help!

It also,, might do nothing! yay windows haha.. ha...

@viomi this is the video and audio output coming directly from the capture card software! I usually go straight back to that when I'm having issues in OBS just to make sure it's not OBS that's the issue

@Violet Right so,, windows has it's own setting for the bitrate, and then ur capture card (or the software for it? i haven't used a capture card) is outputting at a specific rate. if those two don't match it'll stutter.

But again, that might not be the problem, sorry if this isn't helpful 💜

@Violet because they laid off their update testers after they unionized

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