there's quite a variety of stuff in here, including game dev resources/assets and even games from indie icons like Night in the Woods, A Short Hike and Super Hexagon

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the bundle has now been expanded to over 1000 games, including big titles such as Runner 3, Read Only Memories, Octodad and GNOG

Pico-8 is also in there!

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If you need some picks from the big itch bundle, here are some games (and soundtracks!) I am familiar with and can recommend!

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@Violet $100 paid let's go they deserve even more if you can afford it as well.

@Violet ah there's always a gotcha, and the gotcha is that you don't get a steam key for the games if you buy the games this way

honestly it's quite too many games, though

@roxy they're all DRM free regardless, and not all these games are on Steam

@Violet True. I can't part with much here but I'll do more than $5

@Violet @roxy They may not provide the steam keys, but that means you get to back these games up on your own and in your own way, which some would say is the superior method. (it's better for preservation)

@shadow8t4 @Violet absolutely

honestly with my game, if I'm able to I'm just gonna make it look for steam_api.dll and if it doesn't find it then it'll just go into drm free mode lmao

@shadow8t4 @Violet yea!! Honestly I already know people are gonna pirate the game and like, I can't blame them people aren't made of money so its just like sure do whatever you want have fun

@Violet And not just any games! Among them:

- Night in the Woods
- A Short Hike
- Minit
- One Shot
- Oxenfree
- Super Hexagon
- Cook, Serve, Delicious! 2!!
- Bleed
- Bleed 2
- The King's Bird
- Glittermitten grove (aka Frog Fractions 2!)

Any of those makes the bundle price worth it already. 👌

@Violet Challenge: Pay more than the average! (if you can afford to)

@maloki i'm unemployed and can't unfortunately, otherwise I would.

@Violet Not a personal comment, a general challenge! :)

@Violet urgh this deal is too good? Like it's for a good cause, and it's of course each dev's choice on how generous they want to be, but also it's like a 99.855% discount, they didn't need to go that hard!!! I also have no idea how I'm going to traverse over 700 games in my collection at once.

@Violet I swear every time I look another amazing game I know was added and fifty I don't know

@Violet yeah but… at some point every game will be in there

@noiob and that's entirely fair if that happens

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