Hi everyone! I have opened up a new Google survey with questions regarding when the audience for my Twitch streams are most likely to be around to watch. This is just so I can set up a schedule and give everyone more of an idea when I am most likely going to be playing games. Please answer this if you can since It'll be incredibly helpful information for me for when I go live


Judging by the responses to this, it seems Monday is the most popular day for weekly streams! Outside of that there is also Tuesday, Friday and Sunday. 18:00-23:00PM BST is the most popular time in the poll too, which is a pretty solid deal.

I will set up a schedule soon! I want to start doing streams that are more dedicated to under-represented games such as game jam games and smaller indies, I think Sunday may possibly be a good day for those.

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So my current schedule will be (subject to change):

Monday: Backlog day. Playing through games in my backlog

Tuesday: Chillstream day. Playing games with no specific goal, such as Mario Maker 2 or Tetris 99.

Friday: Retro games. Old games from my childhood, or games that I've been interested in but never got around to playing

Sunday: Indie games! Browsing game jams on Itch, also taking suggestions.

Please keep in mind I do suffer from the occasional migraines, so the schedule may not stay consistent

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