The track 'Mouth Dreams (Extro)' from Neil Cicierega's new Mouth Dreams album contains a hidden spectrogram message.

it says "DO NOT TRUST SHREK" backwards in wingdings.

Another more obvious secret: Each track in the album has comment metadata embedded in them. They're just single letters, but if you unscramble them it says "I cant think of a secret message"

guess I'll throw in the other little details in this thread too. I wasn't the first to notice these but here they are anyway. As with tradition in the other Mouth albums, there's wookies hidden in Neil's glasses.

Also if you increase the brightness, there are wingdings hidden in Neil's eyes, spelling the initials 'M, D' for Mouth Dreams

Each of the files in the album are created, modified and accessed on the 4th of May, 2099 at 5AM.

There are stars on some of the letters in the logo on the album, put them together and it spells 'Nice Modems'

Anyway, I'm sure Neil has probably cleverly hidden a lot more stuff in this album that's yet to be uncovered, I love silly little things like this

@nev @Violet It's definitely a shitpost, but I'd wager the shitposter is Neil Cic, not Violet.

@Violet if you arranged all the tracks in order so that their comments spelled that is it interesting at all?

@Violet they’re Ewoks! He has a remix whatever of Yub Nub in there 🐀

@goongumpa ah! I thought I didn't have the name right. I don't really know much about star wars lol

@Violet me neither, only reason I knew is because I ended up watching a lot of before and after comparisons between the original cut of the movies and the Lucas cuts on YouTube in my infinite boredom lol

@Violet if you don't mind me asking, what tool and flags did you use to make the spectrogram? :)

@Whovian9369 I used Spek

It's multiplatform so it should also work on Linux and Mac too

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