so uh

i just installed windows on my upgraded PC build, and I was expecting my capture card to work, but NOPE. as it turns out, AverMedia actually ENDED SUPPORT for the capture card I have so it does not work properly on versions of windows higher than 1909. They will not be updating the drivers to fix it

great, i now have a useless capture card.

I'm gonna have to cancel my upcoming streams until I find a temporary workaround for this, until then, i'm going to have to buy a new capture card

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i'm really fucking pissed off at avermedia right now

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anyway would anyone be willing to donate me any money to buy a new capture card that isn't an avermedia one because fucking hell

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i don't even know what capture card i can even get to replace this one, if anyone has any suggestions for a cheap one that can do 60fps 1080p capture and actually works on the current version of windows 10 please let me know

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had two people suggest the Elgato HD60S, if there aren't any other reasonable options i'm gonna start a fundraiser so i can get my card replaced with this one

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this one costs a lot of money but it looks like it'd be able to serve me far better than the avermedia one ever did. I'd assume connecting it directly to the pcie also means the latency will be far better too

i wonder if i can get one cheaper second hand

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seems they go for about £100 refurbished, not too bad!

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@Violet oh yeah, if it's connected via pcie, there will be almost no latency at all; you can honestly just play the game via the capture card unless it's a game that demands extremely perfect latency

@sharkNserg @Violet i feel like that would be the same sort of game that you can only play well on a CRT

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