if you'd like to know how garbage this capture card's drivers has become, this is what i'm dealing with. it's fucking horrible. there is literally no way to fix this, and avermedia's own customer support is aware of the issue and will not fix it due to end of life driver support.

@Violet if it's just audio glitching, a temporary and inexpensive workaround might be to get an HDMI audio extractor and run the analog output to your computer's line input? they're like $15 on Amazon

@RustyRetro it's just the audio that's a problem, I've tested analogue audio input and I can't seem to figure out how to get low latency audio coming through it at all (using the listen to device feature in windows). on top of that, some of my devices get bad ground noise through line input

@RustyRetro I had this issue a long time ago when I was trying to stream my PS3 since I couldn't get it to work with HDMI and just ended up going digital since it was an easy fix

@Violet ah, yeah, the latency on Windows' built-in loopback is awful. I had to switch to using OBS's monitoring feature (but even that required workarounds so the output wouldn't get mixed back into the stream)

@RustyRetro OBS's loopback seems to have even worse latency than windows' own for some reason

@RustyRetro yeah, windows as a whole is just a big headache when things just suddenly stop working for no reason

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