I see 4k60fps rick astley is trending

might I remind you that an upscaling method very similar to waifu2x or nvidia's DLSS upscaling has been used for this and in my opinion really doesn't look too great visually, specially if you look at still frames, in which is gives the video a smooth airbrushed look.

the big player here is the fact that frame interpolation has also been used to make it 60fps and not necessarily right at all.

if you wanna know what I mean here, watch the video but change the quality to 480p, it's barely different from the original music video.


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I'm gonna continue to be petty about people who try to "remaster" or "restore" old things without insight from any of the original people involved. This also goes for those Super Mario World "restorations" that have been trending recently.

The original music video looked fine as it was.

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While this video doesn't necessarily mention AI upscaling, since this has widely surfaced after this video was produced, Tom Scott has gone over why remastered music videos aren't great, and also explains a lot of points far better than I can.


I guess another prime example is the shots where Rick is standing far away from the camera

look at this shit, it looks like smudged garbage

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oh GOD to add to the damage the same uploader did the same "remastering" technique to Smash Mouth's All Star

the one thing that angered Tom Scott in the first place


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60fps does not improve videos that were not made to be viewed in 60fps in the first place

reminds me of LG pushing their TrueMotion feature on their LCD TVs, it made a lot of broadcast programming look weird and wrong

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@Violet the original had already pushed the colour balance to be more saturated than usual (perhaps to deliberately make it look "American") - going any further than this just looks overcooked (although a lot of linear TV and YouTube video is like this nowadays and has been since the mid 2000s)

@Violet also if this remastering is officially sanctioned by the labels (which it appears to be) it suggests original Betacam SP/1" C format or other broadcast quality masters have been lost/erased or the labels can't be arsed to get them properly re-ingested into a digital format (its quite possible a whole load of these tapes burned in the 2008 Universal Studios fires, and others have been bulk erased as they were "too hot to handle" previously due to rights issues..

@Violet The worst part is that it's turned on by default on each individual mode with no option to kill it globally. :blobsob:

@Jo yeah it's one of the first things I turn off on the TVs that support it. Even worse is it adds input latency to games if you have a console plugged in

@Violet have you seen the 60fps Tom and Jerry? it's extremely uncanny

@Violet at least with actual video it's a well posed problem. like there is in theory a frame between those frames that COULD reasonably be there

people also upsample, drawn animation. which was specifically drawn targetting a certain frame rate

@halcy yeah 2D animation is an entirely different subject all together, since those are specifically illustrated at a specific framerate, this is a massive thing to take note of specially if it's hand-drawn animation and not modern animation that uses techniques such as keyframing

@Violet my mum has one of them 100hz frame interpolation tvs and there is a reason why in the store they showcased it with sweeping nature shots: it's the only kinda shot that it makes look good

@Violet The Terminator was wrong. AI won't kill us with nukes, it'll give us collective aneurysms from its shit jobs at upscaling. :earth_ugh:

@Violet Even without the distorted faces, this looks like a trailer for a video game running on the Switch

@Violet the technical quality of Continental European music TV (including playout of pre-recorded videos) was very high quality by the 1980s (as many cable and satellite channels already had stereo audio - we British lagged behind in deploying decent audio in TV studios, this only happened in the 1990s.

If you watch German or Dutch pop TV uploaded to YouTube from studio master tapes this is decent enough without any need to artificially upscale anything..)

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