does anyone wanna do a movie night for the new space jam sometime, it's been a while since i've done a cytube for mediocre film releases


although tbh it's been a while since any 'funny meme movie i wanna watch with friends for a good laugh because it's probably bad' movies have actually happened

@Violet yeah space jam 2 doesnt really fit that

i mean it references memes but outside of that its fine

@avie i didn't even realize the thing was out until i looked at my youtube subscriptions and saw reviews

@Violet heres the skinny:

- think ready player one with basketball
- its slightly better than ready player one
- its about the same/a bit better than original space jam
- its just as pointless as original space jam
- it features the most kissable looking bugs bunny ever

@avie coming to think of it I think ready player one was literally the last movie i streamed with friends in the cytube

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