amazing how many people thought Streamlabs OBS was officially associated with the OBS project

Streamlabs OBS is garbage software, it is literally OBS but worse

I've only been using the streamlabs web tools for handling on-screen notifications and stuff, but honestly after how badly they've fucked up i'm probably gonna move to streamelements

unless someone wants to make a custom thing for me

if anyone can make a custom web app that displays things like twitch chat and whatever, hit me up

I shouldn't have to rely on these big public services for these kinda things in the first place

it's appauling that when I search for "OBS Chat Widget" I get hundreds of results for streamlabs

@Violet I don't know about building a special webapp, but would just _plopping in the Twitch chat_ and removing the background with CSS work? I bet that'd be feasible.

They have browser sources on non-Windows finally, if you're using something not-Windows.

@IceWolf probably, I'd need to figure out if it's possible to do css styling to it or something

@Violet Yep, the browser source's settings has a CSS textbox right there!

@Violet Or at least it used to, when we used OBS a while back. It's been a while since we streamed.

@IceWolf yeah it's there, i just have no idea how to use it to customize the chat itself

@Violet Ah! Browser devtools will help you there: if you open the chat in a browser too you can poke around with the inspector, and try to do things with say the page background color there.

@Violet (If you don't know CSS we'd be happy to help out with that as well!)

@IceWolf maybe some other day, i'm feeling kinda rough tonight

@Violet @snailerotica cc @compucat , havent the TASBot folks already done exactly this for embedding twitch chat?

@Violet iirc there's a streamlabs importer for streamelements

@sc I looked into streamelements and I can't say I'm a fan of how you basically have to make a custom layout on their website just to get something as simple as a chatbox

@Violet yeahhhh... i'm legit surprised nobody has made an open-source service for twitch alerts yet

@Violet Yeah, definitely. We were a bit surprised, although maybe shouldn't've been.

@Violet Didn't Disney made a shitton of money off public domain stuff and then eclipsed that?

@Violet let me know if you find good alternatives to the stream labs chat and alert boxes

It is honestly kinda frustrating to me OBS does not have a built in solution for either

@sharkNserg I have been recommended this for twitch chat although honestly I just wish there was a local/offline solution at this point, I shouldn't have to rely on third party services to relay info from another service, it's annoying.

@Violet yeah, it's really odd that every developer for these decided to put what feels like really essential and basic functions behind weird middlemen cloud services

@sharkNserg I suppose for stuff like alert boxes it may be worth looking into connecting sources within OBS to kruiz control, which runs completely locally, the only thing it relies on for grabbing notifications is connecting a middleman to twitch (like streamelements)

@sharkNserg this is at least the solution I am looking into at the moment

it'd be nice if OBS just provided a user-friendly version of these tools out of the box though

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