Just got back from seeing @anamanaguchi@twitter.com live, had an incredible time! 💜✨

props to @quangdx@twitter.com for managing to spot me holding up my little raccoon friend 🦝


Shoutouts to the person at the front who brought a 3DS

gwEm also performed before Anamanaguchi started, which brought many demoscene vibes into the concert hall. Didn't hear anyone shouting AMIGAAAA though so it's just not the same

Anamanaguchi, flashing lights 

Here is some of Hopes & Dreams from Undertale. I'll post some more videos when I get home

@Violet that's just a thing now isn't it

I saw a vod from a gecs concert where Laura talked about it and encouraged people to hack theirs lol

@noiob yeah! I spotted multiple people at Porter Robinson a couple weeks ago with 3DSs as well, and a DSi

@Violet I'm seeing the gecs in August (hopefully), I wonder if I should bring mine or maybe my Xperia Play

silly nonsense, only tangentially related at best 

@Violet [falling into a bottomless pit] AMIGAAAAaaaaₐₐₐₐ!

@Violet I saw a pic a lot like this recently, is the 3d camera in the 3ds making a comeback or something

@ME_tan it's just a meme to bring the 3DS to concerts now I think

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