Since I am now back home, it's time for an photo/video thread! I have enabled cross-posting from my Twitter account to Mastodon to make compression/sharing a lot easier. Feel free to mute if you do not wish to see this thread!

Some Thursday photos, a day before the festival started. See image descriptions for more info!

More Friday photos, including the treasure tent, our campsite, a giant ZX Spectrum by and an IBM PC.

A quick video view of the Null Sector stage, taken on the Friday evening.

items being sold at the night market in Null Sector on Friday, including different (delicious!!) flavours of home-made fudge, retired lego kits, pin badges and pretty clothes.

A little DIY robot by (I think?). Look at it go!

A polybius cabinet, FLUX (by, a skeleton and some underwater aesthetics. I was informed that for the construction of Null Sector itself, everything was hand-crafted and 3D printed with no parts sourced from high-street shops or the internet.

A Mintel computer displaying teletext, a wall of CRTs hooked up to a camera and other vintage technology.

A robot that responds to motion capture input from a connected camera. Really fun to mess about with.

Another motion capture installation that responded to different arm movements/gestures.

This is how politics works, right? A game where you control who wins elections by mashing buttons.

Friday night. Walking around again and taking in the night life, watching a screening of Hackers and ending the night with a rave at Null Sector.

This is the part of the Friday night where i'm having the time of my life!

@porsupah definitely possible! I think having it tethered to the power cable stops people running off with it and having accidents though


Fair point. Though that would make for quite the tale to tell. =:D

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