Fund-raiser for MCH 

I have started a ko-fi goal to raise money so I can travel to and attend MCH at the end of next month.

If you wish to know more about my current financial situation I have a thread here:

Please be nice and respect my decision to do a fund raiser for this, it's something I'm passionate about and also helps me spend more time away from home.


Fund-raiser for MCH 

I've raised £70 for this so far! I've gone ahead and asked via email if that is enough to pay for a discounted ticket. Unfortunately the friend who I was planning on getting a lift with might not be able to make it so 😬 plans are falling apart a bit but I really really want to go :(

Fund-raiser for MCH 

Quick update on this, I've managed to negotiate €80 for a ticket to the event! I just really need to sort out a backup plan for how I am actually going to get there now. I will still be aiming for the goal on ko-fi and any donations are still very much appreciated. The extra money can be put aside for renting a tent to camp in when I get there, and of course travel as well.

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