It's time for an MCH photo/video thread! Like I did with EMF camp last month, all photos and videos will be tagged with so please mute that tag if you do not want to see them! Hopefully it won't break this time.

Landing in Amsterdam and taking the train to my hotel where I stayed the night before travelling to the camp site. This was my first experience travelling on a double decker train!

Day 1! Travelling to Nijkerk to catch a shuttle to the camp site. I do like the trains here.

Collected my badge from the angel tent, I did some volunteer work! There was a sauna on-site and a WHOLE SUPERMARKET the size of a co-op in a tent. I was very impressed.

Japanese arcade games, the outside of the tent I was sleeping in and an evening view of the "ChaosFurs" village.

A lone project diva cabinet, a shrugging ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ sign lit up at night, a dataklo with pretty lights and some very pretty crystals.

A quick peek of the music stage, my bed where I slept in the tent and checking out the badge for the first time!

Day 2. World of Techno returns! I hung up my trans flag on the back of the tent and donated some stickers to the ChaosFurs sticker box.

A fire breathing dragon with glowing eyes, a psychedelic display of OS/2 Warp, the presence of Italy (not serving pasta yet!) and the geraffel rave tent.

The sound of the next few days that could be heard across part of the camp site. I wonder where the DJ was?

The fluroclock that was at EMF Camp returns! A lucky cat you could control via an app on the badge, Miku the raccoon chilling out at the arcade tent and a view of CCC dome all smoked up, reminiscent of when null sector went overboard with the smoke machines.

Yes, I stayed up in the arcade tent until 5 in the morning. You can't stop me! (I was kicked out).

Wrapping up day 2. I now have pretty fairy lights hung up on the tent I was sleeping in. A nice peaceful walk back from the arcade and settling down for the night.

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@Violet Huh, where was the high five located at? Totally missed it.

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@Violet it looked like a lot of fun, thank you for all the pictures!

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