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Polybius biotech returns! A visit to the polycoin tent, there was a talkie toaster from red dwarf responding to quotes from the show.

Lunch time, I had some wok. After lunch I did my first angel (volunteer) shift at the arcade bar. I've never worked at a bar before so this was a new and fun experience for me. The world of Techno bot passed by so I added some more stickers to it.

The dragon, lit up at night. A pizza oven that does not contain pizza and Miku showing you their lua ruler. They want you to know that the lua ruler starts at 1.

Some video footage of the byte battle stage. The sound is being broadcasted through headphones that are worn by the audience as a measure to get around the noise cull. Really clever setup!

Heading out for another late night stroll after the byte battle. Blahaj is now swimming in the air at the ChaosFurs tent and the EMF logo is lit up high in the sky

It's MCH 2022! I loved the LED lights on the logo sign, so pretty!

Continued.. was quite amused to see the representation of a LAN party with Windows XP machines.

Emulation boxes to represent old machines that the public can have a play on without damaging the original hardware. Yes, there was a lot of small children on-site that could damage things, so this is quite considerate. I also doodled a raccoon on the Amiga

Some more misc photos. An IT crowd poster on the side of the medical tent showing off one of the secret tokens you could find around the camp site. Miku is chilling out in the chaosfurs tent with the lamps. Another fire-breathing dragon and a beautiful shot of the sky.

I won a shirt for being "button masher of the day" at the tent! Someone stuck the world of Techno bot in a toilet cubicle and tweeted it, so I printed that tweet and stuck it on the bot. Also, cheese tasting at the food hacking base! Delicious!

Chilling out at the ChaosFurs tent, another blahaj has been added, and a classic IKEA shark too! (I forgot the name.

A makeshift SDR setup, lots of string resembling lasers, pretty lights in the milliways tent and many meows.

A very upset polycoin point that was thrown out behind the bar at the music stage

More shots of the camp at night. I added one of my raccoons to the map by the docks. The polycoin map was still showing the EMF camp map which I found very amusing.

A mini waffle kiosk was being pulled around the camp site, serving waffles with what looked like a bubble waffle maker. A tent that held the only love live cabinet in Europe, and TASBot (who would be live on stage the next day)

Showing off my Taiko skills at the arcade tent, one of my favourite songs in the game to play, referred to in the English version as "SAITAMA 2000".

Day 5! I printed off another sticker to stick on top of the sticker I printed for the world of Techno bot. Delicious crêpes were being served for breakfast in the MCF cluster and the local swans came out to say hello.

Claiming my second button mashing prize at the tent since they couldn't find it the day before. Dumping some of my stickers onto the sticker pile at the infodesk and writing some positive post at the chaospost desk.

A "car tent"

Yes this was completely normal.

For those out of the loop, if you couldn't bring a tent you could hire a tent called a "kartent", which was a cardboard tent shaped like a little house. Someone took one of the kartents and turned it into a vehicle.

It's everybody's favourite song, being played through the mindstorm bot!

TASBot takes the stage to demonstrate what it can do with Ocarina of Time on the Nintendo 64.

A video demonstration of what TASBot is capable of, this was shown previously at a GDQ event but it was also fun to be able to see it shown live on-stage too.

Someone hijacked the world of techno bot to play Mario music!!!!

A friend attempted to send me some braille art of a raccoon through the chaos post system, it, uh, yeah. Random IP addresses were stuck on things around the campsite, bitcoin stickers were stuck on the bins and cats started appearing on the beam slides.

I thought I could hear the world of techno bot in the CCC dome. Nope, it was a trick. It was the procedurally generated music being played through a laptop. I was fooled!

Gasman performing "unsatisfactory pippin" live on the music stage. No technical difficulties this time!

I have been informed by multiple people these "waffles" are actually called "poffertjes". I knew they had a specific name I just couldn't remember them!

A bonus encore performance from Gasman before the Symphony of Fire started.

An incredible show of fire and Tesla coil music from the Symphony of Fire performance. I captured a lot of video from this but Twitter only allows 2:20. I will probably get the full recording up somewhere else later.


More symphony of fire footage, this time with thunder! (wooooahoooohooooh)

After Symphony of Fire finished I went for a bit of a wonder. Was greeted by the Little Tikes kart which was previously at Hacky Racers at EMF Camp. Ordered some chocomel from the bar, as one does in the Netherlands. Some very ominous lighting on the way to the docks.

More photos from the docks, also doing a little bit of drone flying with a group from the ChaosFurs.

A quick demo of how the silent rave operated. There were three audio channels being casted over FM and received by the headphones that were being handed out. You could switch channels any time you wanted with a switch. Sometimes the feed was hijacked with a rickroll.

Day 6, the final day of MCH and the beginning of teardown. I did a voluntary chaos post shift! Another very long braille message turned up at the ChaosFurs tent. Wall socket stickers were being pasted onto tents, and the Taiko machine was out of order :(

Some "Trans IPA", the Kartent graveyard, a very long label left at the waffle operation tent and Miku sitting on the H of the MCH sign before it was taken down.

Back at the docks again, checking out "Fab Lab". I'd completely missed this during the time it was active since I didn't really go to the docks during the day. Maybe they'll be there again next time.

A weird drum thing that was set up inside fab lab. It made funny noises when you put your hands around it.

More teardown pics.. I also stopped by the food hacking base again to try some of the kefir that was made in the workshop the other day.

The CCC/Metalab dome may have been taken down, but that doesn't stop them from having a good party outside.

Speaking of which, later in the evening a Kartent appeared at the village and caramelldansen happened. Beautiful, absolutely beautiful.

The party continued further into the night and they may have gone a bit overboard with the smoke machine, it was hilarious. The smoke had covered a lot of the camp site behind the tent and it was almost like the weather has changed to misty.

Attempting to receive SSTV over DECT. Amateur radio folks will more than likely understand what is going on here. Unfortunately the gigaset phones had a noise filter on them so it didn't work properly. (A video where I use SIP to receive it will follow this one)

Successful SSTV transmission to the DECT system over SIP. The transmission was incoming from a friend in Canada.

Taking flight from Amsterdam and arriving safely back in the UK. Unfortunately I was caught up in train strikes and was stranded at the airport for a while, but an extremely generous friend made her way over to give me a lift home.

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@Violet its fairly easy to get a licence from Agentschap Telecom for this sort of setup (although 3 frequency allocations *is* impressive!), and Dutch pirate broadcasters will randomly play Rick Astley and/or any cheesy Europop anyway, its a cultural tradition over there 😁

(Ofcom UK are making it easier to do this as well!)

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