We made a demo that runs on a pharmacy sign!

Check out the full prod & credits on Pouet: pouet.net/prod.php?which=92575

I did the graphics while @gasmanic@twitter.com provided the sign and did code along with @nihilazo and Superogue. @ToBach did the amazing soundtrack!

Additional shout-out to @ME_tan for generating some remixed visuals and also for recording the prod with audience reaction as it was presented live on the real hardware!


A detailed writeup about the sign itself from gasman for anyone who is curious is now available!


The low-poly ambulance model I whipped together for this demo is now available for viewing on Sketchfab. There's a few minor details I added in the materials which may not have been as visible on the sign itself. :)


The soundtrack by @ToBach is also now up on Bandcamp as part of their Choonage Vol 1 album, go send them a tip! 💜🎶


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