We made a demo that runs on a pharmacy sign!

Check out the full prod & credits on Pouet: pouet.net/prod.php?which=92575

I did the graphics while @gasmanic@twitter.com provided the sign and did code along with @nihilazo and Superogue. @ToBach did the amazing soundtrack!

Additional shout-out to @ME_tan for generating some remixed visuals and also for recording the prod with audience reaction as it was presented live on the real hardware!


@Violet Niiiice! Is there a full-length capture of the prod in this majestic setting?


@despens unfortunately not! The recording I attached is of an older build of the demo we attempted to record with my phone camera before the compo itself, the shutter speed is all wrong and completely whites out some of the imagery in-screen and also causes bad flickering at some points. I will see if gasman can do a clean capture of it with better equipment once we're all settled down at home.

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