Today I celebrate 6 years of being on the fediverse!

@cinnamon I don't even remember how I found out about it

@Violet same, though i do remember how i found chitter: iirc i was complaining on twitter about something to do with m.s (being unusably slow? going down a lot? idr) and bug pointed me here

probably would've given up on fedi otherwise

@Violet now chitter is the only social media spot i actually feel comfortable, so that's pretty nifty

@cinnamon @Violet we ended up here 2 days after violet and 3 days after bailey ❤️

-- cherry opossum ❤️

@xenon @cinnamon I guess word about Mastodon must have broken out big time in November 2016

@Violet we can look that up now and brag all 5 digit icq number like?

@halcy for however long .social decides to stick around for before it collapses onto itself!

@Violet incidentally, I can also brag about MASTOSOC ID LENGTH because it‘s pre snowflake (it‘s 43, and almost all of the ones lower than that are remote accounts)

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