seems tetris effect connected and rez infinite are getting PS5 ports with PSVR2 support, although you will need to pay $9 each to access the new versions. the games overall are the same game, all you are paying for is the ability to play the games on the PSVR2 headset with new gimmicky features, and you are forced to pay for the upgrade if you don't have a PSVR1 since PSVR2 is not backwards compatible. Thanks Sony!

@Violet ... PSVR2 also costs, like, 600 on top of a console costing the same amount, so the entire thing is already prohibitively expensive. Not saying "if you can afford the hardware, you must be able to afford the games", but I'd question the cost of the entire upgrade to begin with! "You bought this 4 years ago, it's now trash, won't get anything ever again" is pretty wild when it comes to consoles. Selling the same games multiple times fits into that exploitative scheme imho.

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