for some reason on twitch i can't follow any channels anymore

it has been doing this for months and I have no idea why. I have tried unfollowing other channels and I still can't follow new channels.

@Violet there’s a limit on 2000 channels you can follow. It’s unlikely but maybe you’ve hit it?

@Siph I already tried unfollowing some other channels and it still doesn't work

@Violet hmmm. I wonder if any errors show up in your browser’s javascript console.

Do you use a VPN also? I know twitch doesn’t really like them

@Siph the browser console spits out a ton of errors whenever I click on it

@Violet @Siph ah I've had that "failed integrity check" error before, fixed it by clearing my data

@codl @Siph i guess re-installing the mobile app may fix it as well then

@codl @Siph firefox is listed as a supported browser why are they doing this

@codl @Siph okay i relaunched the browser and that fixed it

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