I think out of all of the cities I've visited on my travels so far I honestly wouldn't mind moving to Amsterdam, Brussels or Lisbon.

This is just me daydreaming about the possibility of moving somewhere nice. I'd have to be incredibly optimistic if I actually wanted to get my foot in the ground and move to any of these places.

@Violet Amsterdam and Barcelona both feel like places I could really love as a home long term.

@Violet i wouldn't recommend a'dam unless you make serious bank. rental sector is outta control

@miunau I think that's just everywhere at the moment

@Violet it's really bad in the city. i'd suggest the surrounds, weesp, zaandam etc are a bit better

@Violet basically the city is unaffordable for middle income earners, its been a topic of discussion for a while now in the local media. unless you hit the jackpot and get an apartment from the city (where the queue can be like a decade long) renting in the free sector is a total shit show. landlords don't give a shit if the place is falling apart and people resort to shaming them in the local paper to get anything done in the most dire situations

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