Selfie, eye contact 

Been a while since I've taken one of these, I'm very sleep deprived

Seems a burger priest has turned up exactly where the only burger king in town used to be

Moto has a new logo..?

this is a photo from a new service stop in Rugby

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Oops, I forgot to post this week's stream schedule on Sunday.

Discord is rolling out a threads feature today, and they've somehow still managed to monetize it with private threads being locked to boosted servers, and extended archive times also being locked to boosted servers.

birdsite, flashing image 

so tweetdeck has stopped working and redirects you to a page on twitter that rapidly refreshes and makes the page flash

good job lads

just played through the whole of jazz jackrabbit 2 using jazz2 resurrection, very solid effort put into this new engine so far. it's very playable with a few drawbacks that might be fixed in the future, but they don't really affect gameplay

birdsite, bad 

how the fuck have they made this look worse than it was already. this screenshot alone hurts to look at.

image via

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birdsite, bad 

Twitter is rolling out a new UI for TweetDeck that features everything people hate about Twitter web!

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