I received my first con badge this weekend! by @voidflame@twitter.com

Thank you so much, I will cherish this baby!!!! πŸ’œπŸ¦βœ¨

If anyone spots me at Scotiacon, feel free to say hello and give me a hug! I am walking around wearing a raccoon kigu with Miku

UK passport question 

anyone else had this issue with the online application form? The photo was taken from one of those high-street photo booths and uploaded directly to the form online. The machine said there was nothing wrong. I've contacted the company to request a refund but in the meantime is there anything I can do to make sure I have a correct photo? It's not like the photo booths are going to do any better a job since it'll just have the same result every time.

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Last month I took part in the demoscene holiday card exchange! As part of the exchange I crafted and sent out 10 Pharmageddon themed Christmas cards, each including a unique message and printed sticker "prescription" for each of my assigned demosceners.

I had a lot of fun making these cards and I hope everyone who received one enjoyed it!

I have arrived back to England safely from Germany! Thank you everyone who sent me gifts over the Christmas period while I was away, specially those who took part in the Demoscene holiday card exchange and everyone who sent gifts from my Amazon wishlist!

I also FINALLY HAVE A LARGE RACCOON!! :chitterpets:

I love you all

I was introduced to 2023 by watching a Bernd das Brot parody of 'Dinner for One'

There was an exposed pharmacy sign in the window of one of the pharmacies in Lancaster. Sadly I couldn't really get any useful information from the label that was on it.

I don't use Spotify so here's 365 days of last.fm scrobble statistics instead.

Went to see Gong and Ozric Tentacles at the Electric Ballroom in London tonight! First time hearing them live, incredible stuff.

Today I celebrate 6 years of being on the fediverse!

Last night, @gasman took to the stage at @oxfordgeeks@twitter.com to show off Pharmageddon in the UK for the first time!

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