Here are the results from tonight's stream! A lot of new demos, and the new demos will continue into next week, huzzah!

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did i already say i was fed up of this counter

i already said i was fed up of this counter

Marvel, Spider-Man 

somebody's pulling our legs with this one

(image via

Here is tonight's stream summary and the overall stream results so far! I have streamed a total of 376 demo discs out of 562 from the archive

I will never unsee that beaker loading screen from the Muppets race mania demo, nope.

I guess another prime example is the shots where Rick is standing far away from the camera

look at this shit, it looks like smudged garbage

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I see 4k60fps rick astley is trending

might I remind you that an upscaling method very similar to waifu2x or nvidia's DLSS upscaling has been used for this and in my opinion really doesn't look too great visually, specially if you look at still frames, in which is gives the video a smooth airbrushed look.

the big player here is the fact that frame interpolation has also been used to make it 60fps and not necessarily right at all.

aaaaaaand the tweet has been deleted. i still had it open in another tab so here is what you missed

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nintendo direct summary 

well there's my verdict, mario golf definitely caught my attention since I've never really played any of those games before. I hope they release a demo for it!

Oops, I forgot to toot about today's PS1 demo stream. Apologies!

Here are the results from today's stream. The overall results chart is starting to get a lil beefy

yo absolute drift and rage 2 are the next free games on epic


seems furaffinity has violated cloudflare's TOS

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