animaniacs reboot 

don't suppose this is ever going to come over to Europe if they're going to actively make references to Hulu, which does not exist in Europe.

Euro PS1 demo stream 6 is over! Wow, I managed to plough through a lot of discs tonight. Unfortunately I had to tone down a bit near the end since my Mum was angry I was making too much noise.

Here are the results for today's stream, also the overall results!

Casted little to no votes for The Game Awards, I've barely heard of any of the people in the nominations and I've barely played any of the games in the nominations

Made quite a lot of progress in spiritfarer tonight, not sure how much of the game is left but it feels like I may be able to get it done in another couple of streams.

Here is a doodle from today's stream that came in near the end

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I've done some re-working of the cost of channel point rewards tonight. Since everything has been going nice and smoothly I've reduced the cost of the more expensive ones which should make it a lot more accessible to people who haven't been watching my streams for long

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Here is the BRB art from today's stream! Lots of lovely stuff from our resident bat, @GavUnimpressive

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Euro PS1 Demo stream 5 has come to an end! Less duplicates and more of a large variety of demos this time round which was nice to see. Here are the results from today's stream, Euro Demo 11 (Germany) was definitely the one that stood out with regards to interesting variety.

Kurushi was the best demo of the stream and the Net Yaroze showcase was the best video.

I have also started making a log of the best results overall in the spreadsheet.

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Video games I've played in 2020? not a lot

bear in mind i only track games that have a start and an end on backloggery

i may have just ended up playing a 3 HOUR GAME with two random players

the sequence triggered where the co-op 'connected' multiplayer would start, all the boards connected but the co-op didn't start and left only one of the players playing the game as usual

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