bandcamp waiving their revenue shares is cool, but it's also a reminder that i need to turn my email notifications off

context for the out of context words 

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out of context words 

Next jackbox game in the Party Pack 7 is called 'Talking Point'. As far as I can tell the goal is to present a powerpoint presentation while being completely unaware what the next slide will be.

More details coming up soon

ign appears to be counting down to a sog award show

YOO there's an open-source version of jazz jackrabbit 2 in the works and it runs beautifully (with re-scaling options!!). There's also a native android build for it too

why is emojione called joypixels now and the fuck did they do to the raccoon emoji

that emoji was a baby

Maya users: I need some help,

got a slight issue at the moment. For some reason whenever I try to bevel the edges on this model it just turns black. I have tried both reverse and unlock the normals and it doesn't fix it. I have no idea what is going on here

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