The weather has finally calmed down but I think I'm gonna move tonight's stream to Tuesday since I have a migraine coming on.

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Tonight's indie wash stream is delayed due to heavy thunderstorms. I'd rather not risk a potential powercut during the stream.

welp, the tower unite discord server was hacked

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I didn't think I'd be able to beat croc in a single stream but I beat croc in a single stream!

It's time for some Croc: Legend of the Gobbos, on a real PS2!

@avie @whalefall @Jo @witchfynder_finder my pc has one but it broke and it's just sitting there in my pc now

Was kinda shocked to find there was no references to the Net Yaroze anywhere though, hence why I say (almost) complete. Either they forgot about it or just don't want to remember it for some reason.

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if you're a fan of playstation's history I highly recommend going into it blind where possible because there's so many pleasant surprises.

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Astro's playroom is such a good game, it's basically a tech demo as a full game that is also an (almost) complete celebration of playstation's history

Hey everyone! In 10 minutes I will be going live with a quick look at Astro's Playroom for the PS5.

just played through the whole of jazz jackrabbit 2 using jazz2 resurrection, very solid effort put into this new engine so far. it's very playable with a few drawbacks that might be fixed in the future, but they don't really affect gameplay

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Once these slots sell out I'm going to stop undercharging lol

birdsite, bad

the BetterTweetdeck dev has tried it out and while there's some nice improvements, overall I still think this isn't welcome at all. Twitter should leave Tweetdeck alone, it works fine already as it is.

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