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Making good usage of my EMF Camp 22 badge 🦝

Thank you everyone who turned up to this morning's demoshow! If you missed it and want to catch up, the VOD is here:

Good morning! I will be going live in 20 minutes for Saturday Morning Demoscene TV!

@FiXato i'll probably look into setting up weechat in future, but for now I just need something I can connect to from android so I can view the MCH chat while I'm there

@FiXato i've been tempted to do that but i'd rather have a gui on mobile

anyone who actively uses IRC, what's a good client to use on android?

Just a reminder that I will be hosting a Saturday Morning demoshow tomorrow morning at 10AM BST! I've been preparing for this all week and I'm very excited.

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Don't forget that Violet will be organising the magical musical tracker module Saturday Morning Demoshow this weekend, so get your suggestions over to her soon! Her production quality is amazing so it will be a treat for the eyes as well as the ears! #demoscene

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Fund-raiser for MCH 

I have started a ko-fi goal to raise money so I can travel to and attend MCH at the end of next month.

If you wish to know more about my current financial situation I have a thread here:

Please be nice and respect my decision to do a fund raiser for this, it's something I'm passionate about and also helps me spend more time away from home.

@Nine there's a minigame, and of course, it's broken

steam summer sale has started which means as per usual steam is unusable for the next few hours.

never mind for some stupid reason it comes out October 14th in Europe.

thanks namco :(

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