i've been getting back into using last.fm again, if anyone else uses it let me know!


@codl okay let's be serious

skate asmr

the remaining t was also eaten

@avie the easter event last year was where I drew the line and stopped playing. I made absolutely zero progress while that event was running because everything was dropping fucking eggs

@avie I could be making a really pretty island and a nice house without spending 2 weeks of grinding

@avie I just don't like crafting systems in general, they feel like a chore on top of a game that was already a chore to play. I just want something like minecraft creative but it's animal crossing

I can't wait to restart ACNH and remember how shit the crafting system is

@faoluin To join a jackbox game you do not need phone verification

@faoluin Oh! To chat I enforce phone verification for first-time chatters. Without phone verification you require an account older than 6 months to chat in my channel, or you must have been following me for over 1 month.

Apologies if anyone couldn't join tonight due to enforced twitch login, I only do this for everyone's safety. It's not fun when a rude stranger comes in and ruins the fun for everyone with inappropriate submissions.

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I think I'm gonna stick to streaming jackbox on special occasions rather than randomly streaming it, generally works out better for everyone when it's not over-done on stream

Jackbox Party Pack 8 is a very strong pack, I think everyone had a lot of fun with it tonight!

It's time for the Jackbox Party Pack 8! Let's have some fun. twitch.tv/RaccoonViolet

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