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Happy birthday (for yesterday cos didnt quite finish it then) to @Violet !!!!!!!

Amazon Luna already looks like it'll have a better launch lineup than Stadia

Tranzfuser Protoplay 2020, check out a selection of cool indie games made by students in the UK!

finally out of bed, been feeling absolutely burnt out all day today

THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR JOINING!! 😍 I had a fantastic time tonight and that was a really lovely way to spend the evening. Also special thanks to for the raid, too! That surprise really made me smile.


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Going live now!! Come join me for an evening of birthday raccoon & chill, playing Jackbox games!!!

I will be starting a birthday jackbox stream on my Twitch channel in about half an hour! I'd like some good vibes for tonight

birdsite (-) 

@mrbeanbag yep! i can see who i'm following but it still displays on my account that i'm following nobody

birdsite (-) 

@mrbeanbag i can see tweets coming in on my home timeline now in tweetdeck now

twitter website itself isn't showing me any tweets though

birdsite (-) 

oh very cool

it seems as a personal birthday present from twitter they've decided to nuke my account so i'm not actually following anyone anymore

fucking thanks, guys

i'm sad because the goose game co-op update is local multiplayer only and I only own the game on switch so i can't actually enjoy it with anyone :(

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money beg, boosts appreciated 

I hate that I have to do this again but uh, I'm short on rent/other costs

I have 0 income right now and I can't get unemployment or anything so, y'know if you can swing me anything thank you a ton.

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Birthday Wishlist 

It's my birthday today! see the other toot in this thread if you feel like getting me anything 💜

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