@roxy i want to hug you gently and give you a kiss on the cheek

@Vordus imagine if fortnite was still offline during EGX

the smaller stages that would've been set up for it would've had nothing to put on

hopefully one day we will see the game's music released in flac and physical formats

was gonna get around to doing this myself once I finally got my hands on the PC version but yeah, saves me a few hours of slicing and tagging work lol

got someone nice to rip and upload all the spyro reignited trilogy music tracks for me which is nice, was gonna wait and see if an official release will float around but I have doubts

just watched the trailer for it

idk if i like it

so i opened up instagram today to find out robert downey jr is now playing dr dolittle. what

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re: money request 

re: money request 

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@shadow8t4 which I find absolutely bizarre, because I swear I had audio working fine with this same setup previously. the only thing that's changed is I'm now running Windows 10 1903 rather than 1803. Unless the windows update itself broke it

@shadow8t4 I'm just gonna have to order a splitter and hope it works. I've come to the conclusion that avermedia themselves have put a nasty extra layer of HDCP protection onto their newest driver

@shadow8t4 unfortunately since it's being passed through a VM there's also added video and audio latency

@shadow8t4 so I just installed windows 8.1 in a VM and forwarded the capture card to it, and it works mostly fine. screen glitches and flickers sometimes but it's better than nothing

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