Well this is now my motivation to play more video games and share my experiences with video games! I haven't decided which game I will be streaming next but I will probably announce it soon

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Wow! Tonight's stream was fun, not only did I fully finish the Spyro reignited trilogy, but I am also now a Twitch affiliate!

Going live soon!! Will be finishing off Spryo 3 (reignited)! twitch.tv/raccoonviolet

@colon_three no this was the cursed cat that would get you banned from facepunch for posting it

@Nerts facepunch may be gone but i will never forget the curses it brought upon the world

@cozykaffe i only remember boom because it was in amplitude on the ps2

bandcamp waiving their revenue shares is cool, but it's also a reminder that i need to turn my email notifications off

context for the out of context words 

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out of context words 

a nude 2, nude harder 

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