@FiXato that sounds interesting. I've been tempted to straight up cut out twitch and just move to another streaming service and have a patreon set up at the side

@IceWolf if you don't hit $100 the money just sits with amazon, making you feel bad about it

@IceWolf yeah, it's their way to push people to stream and encourage people to subscribe or spend bits so it goes towards the goal

stressed out about twitch's $100 payout threshold again.

I currently have $87 being held in my twitch account and I really don't want to stream let alone push people to subscribe or throw bits at me just to hit that $100 mark

i really don't like twitch

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back to a sly lock screen again, fits pretty nicely with my home screen

wtf?? I had a game of dota 2 against one of the yogscast guys

made a new watch face for my mi band yesterday

(art by mirikun)

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@Mandrake "developers" would probably fit the headline more than "creators" tbqh

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