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yes, this includes re-releases on modern platforms.

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HOWEVER, if you want a list of games from 2019 I can't give a proper verdict to because I don't actually own them, but am still quite interested in playing them, here it is.

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Right i've thoroughly gone through a list of games that came out this year, and it turns out I have played a few games that were released this year that I actually enjoyed:

-Tetris 99
-Trials Rising
-Mario Maker 2
-Untitled Goose Game
-Beat Saber
-Dicey Dungeons

oh, tetris 99 came out this year didn't it

well there you go that is the alternative option for game of the year

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my finance this year hasn't really contributed to much either. there's probably a few games that have peaked my interest this year but I never got around to playing due to not being able to afford them.

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i love short, fun little games that can be completed within the space of 3-4 hours.

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it's short, charming, and can be replayed again with friends.

i got the same enjoyment out of donut county last year, too, which is why i chose that as my game of the year for 2018. not because raccoons, no

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i think by default my game of the year may actually be untitled goose game, it's the only game i actually remember fully playing through and enjoying

i barely even remember which games i've played this year

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i have an endless supply of raccoon pictures

namco funscape in london got DDR A20

Seems the Android 10 requirement is only if you want to use your DS4 wirelessly, which isn't a huge issue.

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