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just 100% sly 1 on ps3, after all the years of not having the ps3 version

Spider-Man Enter the Spiderverse sequel teased by the official Twitter account, April 8 2022

i guess toby fox just does stuff for gamefreak at the side now, not only has he done music for town he even has a track in pokémon sword and shield

what music have I been listening to this halloween? why, the swamp music from Sly 1 of course!

uploaded my 'the club' halloween submission to youtube if anyone likes to look at tracker music

Happy Halloween! Remember to hug a friendly raccoon and feed it treats today!

(Photo via raccoon.tema on Instagram )

roxy rab is a snuggly dork pass it on

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Tower unite is currently 50% off! If you haven't picked it up yet, do take the oppertunity to, there's a huge arcade update coming soon!!

Hey! is back online for halloween! I indeed have done a new music submission for the halloween update and will be uploading it here soon.

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having a stupid input problem with unity games again where there is a button stuck down continously, i can't remember how to fix it

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