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every time i reboot my pc i have to end the steam process in the task manager because it gets stuck

Hopefully I'll have a bit more motivation to finish the Pokédex this time, the switch is a much nicer console to come back to pokemon with

Finished the postgame story for Pokémon Shield! Now to get working on that pokédex

i wanna play pokemon but i know if i pick up pokemon i'm gonna be awake all night again

today's quiz was naming the game characters, i got all of the questions correct

just won today's ashens quiz on twitch, having a photographic memory pays off!

Pokémon Sword and Shield 

Facebook has just acquired Beat Games (The Beat Saber developers)

sigh, i guess.

What the heck you can actually see other trainers in the wild area while connected to the internet? That's a first for Pokémon if I've ever seen one

Finally managed to connect to the internet and beat the same raid within three turns.

I'm just getting more and more annoyed at this game and the fact I can't connect to the internet with it now because of some maintenance is just frustrating me even more

Been trying to do the same raid battle for half an hour now and it's basically impossible to do offline because the rest of the CPU team keeper getting 1 hit KOs, what even is the point of the offline mode if the AI is just shit compared to actual players

Typical how the first time I decide to check out the online features in Pokémon shield, the online features won't work.

Pokémon shield 

if anyone in the UK is interested in picking up Nintendo Labo for cheap, ao is currently selling kits for £10 each. They're all out of stock at the moment but I imagine they'll be restocking soon.

And I add the question, why did they remove petting as a feature

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