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of course someone has put bad apple into a tracker module already

what platform isn't this song on at this point

there's a new ratchet & clank game coming out soon so i'm thinking this may be a nice idea

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i may start streaming the ps4 version of ratchet & clank tomorrow


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found a high quality raccoon stock photo on google images and i can't help but share it with everyone

Twitch is hosting an Indie discovery showcase tonight at 9PM BST

Spotted on reddit; Gabe Newelll during an interview being asked the question of which game console he likes the most

getting pretty fed up of the idea of animal crossing being a live service game, cutting out essential features just to keep people interested in the game long after release

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so animal crossing new horizons is only now getting the dream feature, also island backup/restoration options

more features that should have been in the game from the beginning

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hey who wants to help get me those 25 extra followers i need to be a twitch affiliate lmao

I think it's just the general brightness of the panels themselves, i can't turn them down very far so they just end up straining my eyes really quickly

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i've packed away my expensive monitors since i'm frightened they'll get stuck in those ones

although i've also noticed since switching back to my old monitors i've been getting migraines again. wow these monitors suck

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apparently you can use an electric toothbrush to remove dead thrips from monitors, tried that just now and unfortunately it didn't work

may try again tomorrow since it's noisy and mum is in bed

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