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Another update on this, I now have a total of 33 demos I wish to stream from PAX/EGX, so stream times may be adjusted. I also realized I will be streaming around the same time as the PlayStation 5 event on Wednesday, so the stream may be starting a couple hours earlier to give me more time to show off more games.

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The jackbox party pax stream seems to be very appealing to me right now

Stream schedule update! PAX/EGX started today and loads of new demos have gone up to play on Steam. I will be streaming a selection of these demos in place of Raccoon & Chill on Tuesday at 6PM UK time, and will roll over into a second stream on Wednesday 6PM UK time.

More SAGE demos are still scheduled tomorrow (Sunday) at 6PM UK time, I am very excited to share more of these!

NVidia appears to be acquiring ARM next week, according to Tom Warren of The Verge.

PAX x EGX has launched and their website is still a mess

Sony has confirmed a PlayStation event will be happening on Wednesday, 21:00PM BST.

I imagine we will be seeing prices and pre-order info

I can't believe the city of Edinburgh is actually an Xbox

Hey remember when I said Klonoa may be coming back in September?

I think I may be right

Thanks for stopping by everyone! It seems Kula World gets pretty brutal as soon as you hit level 100, those invisible blocks are SO BAD, wow!

I will be back again this Sunday for part 2 of my SAGE stream.

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Going live in about 10 mins with part 2 of Kula World for retro raccoon time!

Retro Raccoon Time will be starting at 7pm UK time again today (in about an hour!) Will be continuing to play Kula World.

acab, second life 

i was just reminded today that the casio keyboard i made in second life back in 2012 says acab

i honestly can't remember what the motive was for this but suddenly it's relevant

i plan on streaming the game for a friday retro stream eventually, just don't actually own the game yet because i still very much do not have any money to spend on video games

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if you recently picked up moon on the switch because toby fox talked about it please remember to cw your spoilers for the game

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ubisoft abuse scandal, call to action 

I encourage everyone to submit the video of Yves Guillemot making a public statement about the level of abuse within the company to, seeing as that's apparently the only way they'd actually show it at an Ubisoft Forward press event.

scott pilgrim game is definitely going to be at ubisoft forward later today, if it isn't it'll probably be announced around the same time as the event

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