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Will be hosting another PS1 demo disc stream tonight at 6PM UK time (that's under an hour from now!)

Elite Dangerous is going free on the Epic Store, very good space game if you like chill space trucking

Video games I've played in 2020? not a lot

bear in mind i only track games that have a start and an end on backloggery

YouTube's CDN seems to be having a difficult

Had Tetris Effect Connected crash to the desktop twice now, on two entirely different stages

i may have just ended up playing a 3 HOUR GAME with two random players

the sequence triggered where the co-op 'connected' multiplayer would start, all the boards connected but the co-op didn't start and left only one of the players playing the game as usual

i've completely broken tetris effect multiplayer, twice


apple really likes saying their products are faster than windows

unfortunately that means nothing

how about you say your software is better than windows too, because your compatibility is complete ASS


we get it, the macbook air is just an ipad with a keyboard and no touch screen now

kinda underwhelmed by the new trailer

it just looks like a generic vr playroom with a sam & max skin on top of it

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