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The switch version of Mario party is getting full online play today, a feature that should have been in the game from the start


panasonic blu-ray $99

considering loads of people have been shouting the name of that new lombax character today i highly doubt i'm going to be able to avoid spoilers for this game when it comes out

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so playstation's next state of play is this thursday, it features over 15 minutes of a game i don't want spoilers for and two indie games


if only the ps5 had more games, then maybe i would consider saving up money to buy one

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man sony can't go one second without spoiling the new ratchet & clank huh

a little late but here is this week's stream schedule!

also successfully set it up with SMB so it can boot ps2 backups over the network. tested it with issue 1 of official playstation 2 magazine and it seems to work! some settings do need to be applied before launching to get the demos to work properly so i may have to pre-configure all of the demo discs before I do each stream to make sure they work properly

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ordered some blank discs off amazon so hopefully if they turn up before friday i may be able to do a net yaroze showcase on real hardware!

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successfully hacked the ps2 with mechapwn, it can now play japan import games and also ps1 cd backups! i'm really excited

No stream tonight, not feeling too great at the moment

very much looking forward to submitting this to outline next month

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Here's a recording of the demo fron the Transmission64 stream!

also a link on demozoo:

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Greetings from Slipstream! Massive thank you to @aldroid for making this possible!

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