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Epic Games/iam8bit may have potentially broken GDPR with this fortnite "they're coming" campaign they're running.

i'm gonna have to see if i can figure out how to pass through my PSVR setup to OBS so I can stream some VR games. The biggest issue is being able to see chat

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The Puzzle Bobble VR game has been announced for PSVR, hooray!

Just watched Cruella, was actually a lot better than I thought it would be, I enjoyed it

If anyone got any of these cards in the post, it has been confirmed today that it's pretty much a big marketing stunt for Fortnite. Epic most likely partnered with iam8bit to send the postcards out to a gaming audience

jerff gerstmann is currently live on mixlr while driving his car and playing a really garbage playlist on spotify and i'm losing my mind (via jeff grubb on twitter)

you can shoot macarena cds in far cry 6

"Not since the dubstep gun have we witnessed such a weapon."

i open up a ricesnot stream on youtube and he's playing the popular demo in stepmania

i did not expect this


had my first injection for treating arthritis today

tea consumed, maximum comfort achieved

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discord is adding profile customization features and locking them behind nitro

because fuck anyone who doesn't have money

"dragon quest for adults" is a sentence I heard tonight.

discord seems to have what looks like profile cards now? when you click on someone's name it looks like a mini twitter profile

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