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does anyone wanna do a movie night for the new space jam sometime, it's been a while since i've done a cytube for mediocre film releases

well i beat mario 64 for the first time without using savestates, congrats to me

amused by the amount of people who are more than happy to just throw $400 at something that hasn't even been in the hands of the public or had any proper reviews yet

words words words words steam deck words words words

Tonight's Indie Wash stream is probably going to be pushed back to Saturday, the PAX website has not been updated yet which means organising this in advance has not been possible, and it will probably be too late for me to stream by the time the game list has gone up and I've had time to curate them.

Oh no sky is bringing back never mind the buzzcocks

Nabbed a Steam copy of It Takes Two and A Way Out for free today via EA's indie stream on youtube, will be covering both games on stream eventually!

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mutual aid request / Help us build a desktop? :boost_requested: 

Hey, so!

We've used laptops all our life, been dealing with Cables Everywhere and external everything and never being able to upgrade anything ever and honestly we're kinda fed up with it all...

so we wanna build ourselves a desktop!

Buuut we're looking at like $350, oof.

We currently have $100, so a $250 goal (we're going to save too but it's slow)... anyone wanna help us out?

Hey everyone! I will be going live in 10 minutes with An Airport for Aliens Currently Run by Dogs

i'll be streaming dog airport game tonight

okay i think i'm gonna head to beb

beb time

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