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I may add to this, they are also open-source and you can see the platform on github

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a reminder that a reasonable alternative to Twitch does exist and I may be considering switching to it some day

over on birdsite i made a new account to highlight raccoons in video games, please feel free to give it a follow and make suggestions!

one of the lethal league devs has been running a thing called 'stream lizards' which is basically marbles on stream but with lizards and chat can do commands to make the lizards do different things like jump

Slight adjustment in scheduling, I'm not going to be able to cover the Asobu showcase live tomorrow due to stuff happening IRL, but I will be back later in the evening and will do a watch party for the VOD.

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Hey folks, I will be in the watch parties channel in my discord in a couple mins to cover the Indie Houses direct!

Microsoft has confirmed Windows 11 is launching on October 5th (as teased previously), without Android app support.

Good video from the Jimquisition going over the bullshit happening against marginalised streamers on Twitch recently. If you are a Twitch streamer I highly encourage you to not go live on September 1st in protest against the hate raids.

Here is this week's stream schedule!

There will be no Indie Wash stream this week due to me being away for the weekend, however I will be covering the Asobu Indie Showcase on Wednesday at 13:00PM BST, feel free to come hang out in the Discord when that goes live!

Hey everyone! I will be going live in 5 mins with hubworld direct commentary! Then later on I will be doing another episode of Indie Wash.

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Kangy is back in school!! But he's been busy so just a lil nap.... on the tail.... will be fine zzz...

No stream tonight. My nose has been stuffy all day and it's not clearing up. hopefully I'll be feeling better tomorrow.

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