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I also spent the weekend with and

it was like a dream after having not seen anybody since the beginning of the pandemic. This weekend was special and I'll never forget it.

Here's a beautiful photo taken by Liam of myself and Ren walking together on the beach.

This weekend was the wedding of and

It was one of the most fantastic, memorable weekends I've had for a very long time!

I didn't manage to take too many photos but here are some highlights (a couple courtesy of


Took this at Paddington yesterday and I really like how it came out

Huge personal achievement! This is the most walking I've done for over a year now and I feel great!

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I'm back home and safe! I took a lot of photos this weekend but I'm going to wait until official photos of the wedding have been published first before I post my own

This weekend has also made me more confident about travelling long distances post-covid. Hopefully I'll still be fine within the coming weeks and I'll be looking forward to travelling more again and seeing friends who I haven't seen in a long time

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Currently on my way home from a busy weekend with some wonderful friends. I'm looking forward to sharing some photos when I get home!

one of my friends who I'm staying with for the weekend painted my nails a lovely shade of purple

Raccoon is over in Bristol at the moment :blobcatcoffee:

Just stopped at a motorway services with 4 Starbucks, probably a 5th hidden one somewhere as well

selfie, ec 

raccoon on a train, speedy raccoon

It went away after I rebooted my phone so I have no idea

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Has anybody encountered this message on their phone today? I thought it was just because I turned adguard on but I'm seeing multiple reports on Twitter of people (all in the US) getting the same message

Hey everyone! I am currently hosting a watch party for the Asobu indie showcase, feel free to come join me in the watch parties channel in my Discord.

I've recently been made aware of another streaming platform called Altair as well, but I don't really have any judgement on that one until it's actually launched.

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