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goodbye, sakurai. see you when playstation hires you to make a new allstars game

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update: it's good

controls could do with a little bit of refining, but hey. it works

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well that was barely a nap and everything hurts now. love my body

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i think it is nap time. might do a stream later tonight, idk

i made my first song for the tic80 today, it's short but hey. fun little music sequencer to mess around with

screenshot from marvel's "what if..?" 

the boy is all partied out

Currently eating through some very delicious chocolates that were gifted to me for my birthday from @aldroid and @mrbeanbag

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It's form time!

Please consider filling out this form to help me set up a new stream schedule. I will be introducing the new stream schedule once I have enough information to go by.

can't believe I have to say this every year, but it's halloween this month, please tag/cw any posts that have blood/gore or any of that other gross stuff, same goes for profile images. ta

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