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Okay, one last cow-ntent for a while, but this comes from the bottom of our hearts: Meet Rosi, the mascot of GIANTS Software, who have supported #MountainBytes above and beyond.


Fell in love with Switzerland this weekend, or want to work for an awesome employer? Then this is it! Happy where you are but want to show them love for their support? Check out this very-scene-ish love project of theirs - the #C64 version of the Farming Simulator:

Finally back in London after a very long month of Travelling

now to just spend March having a rest. I think I need it

Hmm. what is the cheapest way to get to Finland from the UK in like, a few days

no I am totally not trying to figure out how to get to instanssi

And so concludes Mountainbytes 2023, an incredible demoparty experience in Switzerland! I am delighted to have been a part of the orga team this year, thank you @bergbeiz and everyone else involved!!

Now it is time to rest for a month before @revisionparty πŸ¦πŸ’œπŸ„

here are some assets from my mountainbytes ohp compo entry, i whipped this all together very early this morning after struggling to work with the pens provided! There was a laser printer on-hand at the orga desk so I used that to print these silhouettes instead.

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(still) need financial help 

Hey, I've gotten quite a bit of money and I'm extremely grateful for everyone who donated so far's generosity. Overdraft fees hit me harder each month and I'm almost out of food from my last small grocery run. I could use 70€ to fill the current overdraft I have and get food for the weekend and until Tuesday when I should be getting paid. I'm so sorry for asking again so soon.

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ph (-) 

If anyone has any recommendations for food or remedies for a swollen knee (presumably due to arthritis) that I can access while I'm away from the UK please let me know

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ph (-) 

uuuuuuugh. something has badly triggered off my arthritis in the past day and my knee has become very swollen like it was before I started my old medication (methotrexate). I've not been on my current medication (Humira) since November due to continuously getting infections (probably due to the winter weather). I don't have access to my injections since they're back in the UK and it is now quite painful to walk, this is going to impact my time in Belgium & Switzerland quite a bit :(

Been having an amazing time exploring Belgium with @reality404 the last few days, I am now in Antwerp for the next couple days before I move onto Switzerland for Mountainbytes!

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Retrospring Q&A 

What's a place you've always wanted to visit? β€” Tokyo, Japan

People seem to suddenly be using retrospring again so here is my one

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Don't tell my Mum but I went to a Belgian chocolate Museum today! It's very different than Switzerland but also very interesting.
#cowee #demoscene

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