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apple is going to throw a lower case i at everyone's face in a few hours

Birthday stream update 

After a short conversation with the friends I am staying with in Scotland for the week of my birthday, I have been given a thumbs up to host a birthday stream in the evening.

The stream will be similar to my usual raccoon & chill streams, although we will also have a small lineup of games to play on that day; including Jackbox Games, WarioWare: Get it Together and maybe more..?

See you all on the 23rd of September, it's gonna be a blast! :purple_sparkling_heart:

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flickguy: a tool for making picrew-likes

draw the options then export and share with friends to let them make a little guy

they can remix to add new details to their guy, or make their own guy maker

demo (by @coleoptera):

Announcement wrt September streams 

Hey everyone! September is a busy month for me since it's my birthday this month. As a result of this I will be streaming less frequently because I will be very busy spending time travelling to see friends and loved ones.

A birthday stream may be on the table this year, I'm not entirely sure yet though so stay tuned for announcements!

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