Correct me if I'm wrong, but is having 'Transgender' as an option on the queston 'What is your gender identity' like having the option 'Bus' as an option on the question 'Where are you going today?'

@Vordus idk there are legit some people excitedly saying "I'm on a boat!" ok where u goin "no look a boat!" sure but it's there some sweet exotic island or something "probably but boat!"

and who am I to argue? in fact I've got to give a person props who is never finished with improving themselves.

@Vordus yes it's just as descriptive, but the importance of the option depends on the context of the question. sometimes the distinction is important (although normally you would at least seperate into trans man and trans woman at least). even personally the distinction is important to me. id hate for people to think im cis unless im in danger as a direct repercussion of being trans and even then its under duress so take that with a grain of salt.

@Vordus Totally agreed.

As a social scientist who does *not* usually focus on gender in my research, I usually use "Man, Woman, Nonbinary, Other _____."

If I were researching gender issues generally, or of course if researching trans issues specifically, I'd go finer grain (and oversample the trans population).

@Vordus Or like going to a restaurant, sitting down, reviewing the menu, and answering the server's question of "What would you like today?" with "Food."

@Vordus it'd fit in a "select all that apply" question. For some, "transgender", "nonbinary" and "male" might apply, while some would pick one or two of them.

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