For the record, that big horse is Brooklyn Supreme. He was 19.2 hands (6ft 6/198cm) tall, and weighed 3200lb/1451kg.

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How generous, Namecheap. This thing that you are legally required to provide is completely free.

A bit presumptive of you to assume my phone is worth anything to begin with, MusicMagpie

birdsite, mention of intimate dangly parts 

You what?


I'm home from work! How is everybody doi... oh. Oh.


Well that doesn't look at all unsettling...


I think that's everything I can do for Mawdrey now without doing Fractals.

GW2 spoilers 

The Commander: Hey, Braham? You wanna cool it for a moment? Taimi's thought up this really cool plot conceit where we pitch two dragons against each other.


JK Terfling, video games 

Shitty game publisher desperately tries to distance itself from even shittier author.

gw2 spoilers 

Me: I need to stop beating myself up because I'm bad at this GW2.


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