Got some new icon art that I'm not sure where I'm going to use. Discord maybe? Anyway, this one's by @hal and it's great.

Looks like the PC Twitch app's offline mode only functions when you have an internet connection.

Attn board game republishers: Please stop ruining the covers of Czech Game Edition board games. It's embarrassing.

Lady in novel adaptation in 'hasn't played the related media' shocker.

Countryside: burninated
Peasants: burninated
Thatch-roofed cottages: burninated

The current Chief Mouser to the Cabinet Office is Larry. He is apparently a nuisance, a violent territorial git, a mediocre mouser and absolutely adorable.

Unlike previous Downing Street cats, he is not paid for by the state, and instead the Downing Street staff hold fundraisers for his upkeep.


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