@Moot the exe is the only file here we need right feels like a very win95 error


Ah dang. To get the next item for Mawdrey, I need to do fractals.

@Moot I eventually got the first bit done, but good lord that's not a good tutorial. And the game's inherently overly difficult and miserable so eh, I played something else instead.

re: Whining about social media, Twitter 

@Webster @gulfie these are always idiots who have brought the fledgling home.

Ultimately, when you think about it, isn't being straight just being gay for the opposite gender?

Play Guild Wars 2: our orcs are cats, our elves are plants, our gnomes have an astonishing superiority complex, and you can choose between boring humans and giant viking humans who are also werewolves.

Jumanji needed someone bigger and better than me. I've come to realise that now.

self-hate food rant 

I ate too much. Again. I promised myself I wouldn't and then I did.

Fuck you, me.

Current Events 

@faoluin 2020 won't be over until well into 2021


@faoluin Microsoft is worth 1.5 trillion, so basically MS has handed over 0.5% of their total value for Bethesda. That's small enough an amount for it to be 'yeah, okay', but large enough for it to be 'they can't do this too often, Jesus'.



The reason I got a D in A-Level history is because of the Mandela effect.

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Wait, what, you're saying I misremembered some easily provable fact? No no no, I can't be wrong. It's far more likely that I have reached this place from another dimension than that my memory is fallible.

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