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This wholesale flyer is the only evidence I can see that either a physical box or a mockup of one ever existed (and considering that Nokia on the cover, it surely had to exist)

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I think the original boxart may be lost to time.

I mean, the Amazon boxart is literally just the steam boxart but with a big empty blue bit underneath the old horizontal grid.

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Trying to find boxart for this, so I'm at the publisher's website and this guy's wearing half a suit!

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Sorry for filling your timeline with garbage.

eye contact, allcaps 


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I just thumped my desk like JJ demanding pictures of spiderman because I couldn't remember what the Wayback Machine is called.

I think it may be time to go for a nap.

Okay. I've triple-checked and it's official; I only have 10 Steam games that I don't have a cover for.

For the record, that was originally well over 100 before I started making my own, and well over 1000 before I started adding them from Steamgriddb.

Presumably Steam considers it the job of the developer/publisher to do this.

Buddy, let me tell you.

Publishers often either don't care about legacy content, or more oftem just straight up don't exist any more.

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You can report a game (which Steam will then completely ignore) but you can't flag details on the game page as being missing or incorrect.

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Just followed a link from the Steam Store to a game's website and ended up at a chinese porn site.

Steam has no functionality for reporting broken links.

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Fingers crossed that the bakery is far enough ahead of schedule that I can just calmly make pancakes for much of the afternoon instead of running around trying to get everything done

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Work - 

Not sure how I'm going to cope at work today.

I ache from a mix of too much work and too much exercise over the last couple of days, I didn't sleep particularly well (although I got a couple more hours than my brain is telling me because yesterday when I got home I collapsed in bed and immediately napped for 2hrs), and I'm not sure I trust my head not to panic at being thrown into a public-facing situation this morning.

The difference between Funko Pops and beanie babies is that nobody is deluded enough to believe that Funkos hold any value.



My current hobby is making Steam boxart for games that I own but that nobody actually gives a shit about.


Is it Dream Suite in the new one? I haven't played in a few weeks because I haven't had time.

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